Life Lesson from Inside Out: Joy and Sadness go hand in hand

I’ve always wanted to be independent. When I passed out of college, I had already interned at an entertainment weekly and knew the magazine I wanted to work for. I had a plan for after that as well. But somewhere along the way, I got a little chicken. And technology advanced, more avenues opened up, opportunities came along. The only thing that remained constant was that I wanted to write.

I come from an illustrious family that runs a steady business. I’ve had the good fortune of working outside of the family business in something that has been my interest. I’ve been lucky to work because I wanted to keep myself occupied, grow as a writer, not because I had to make ends meet or earn a living.

I came back from film school earlier this year and got lazy in my city. I started feeling lost. I was looking for jobs and this publication had an opening. Of course, people had an opinion about the publication. ‘They write only listicles’, ‘they’re as good as poop’, etc. Despite that, I took up the job with sincerity.

It was a new way of writing and I accepted the challenges that came with it. What I didn’t expect was it to come crumbling down so quickly. Last night, myself and 4 other colleagues put in our papers because we’d had enough. Some of us didn’t even get a response. I got a response that informed me I didn’t have to serve a notice period.

I woke up this morning job-free. I worked out of the family office because I didn’t want to lose the groove. And I watched Inside Out at night with my former colleagues, now friends.

Inside Out

Inside Out

Of course, we’ve all been feeling strange because it happened so suddenly. Kind of the way Riley feels when she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. She wakes up in a new city. She’s angry, hurt, confused, etc. As I laughed hard through the movie and went awww, a very important life lesson was reinstated in my memory.

We can only function normally when joy and sadness go hand in hand. Inside Out made me realise that every hurdle makes a core memory and joy saves the day.

Now I know moving out of the job was the change I had to accept. And while I might be a little sad right now, joy will hold sadness’ hand and everything will be okay. Until the next hiccup, of course. 😀

Happiness comes from the strangest of sources.

So, I didn’t keep my word. Every now and then, I make promises that I don’t end up keeping.

And I read somewhere the other day that we should talk about what we’ve achieved only after we do rather than when we’re thinking of going about it.

So, I’m going to keep mum for now.

I’ll talk about how I’m feeling inspired instead. And give you the backstory before that.

I was in a car accident this afternoon. Thank God nothing happened to me physically. But that doesn’t discount the mental trauma I went through. I tried to get over it. But it flipped something in my brain, obviously. I was very upset. It brought unpleasant memories to the fore. I cried a little. And then I thought I’d watch a movie. So, I asked for recommendations on my social networks for a pick-me-up movie. I watched the trailers of the recommendations that came in. And I decided to watch Leap Year. At that point, it had not registered with me that the film had been inspired by Jab We Met. Half-way through the film, I realise the similarities between both movies. And that just made me happy. Because I’m a huge huge Imtiaz Ali fan. And obviously, that’s why I was drawn to watch Leap Year. That means I’m consistent with my taste. And there is scope to adapt something you like.

During the movie, I received a phone call. I opened myself up to my friend and spoke about my feelings. I’m smiling after the movie and feeling much better.

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#MTOS | Movie Talk on Sunday | Shakespeare’s Film Adaptations

On Sunday (21st June 2015), I’m hosting Movie Talk on Sunday (#MTOS) on Twitter at 8pm GMT.

I’ll post a question every 10 minutes from my Twitter handle (@dhruvis). You can join in the discussion by tweeting your answer beginning with the question number and hashtagging #MTOS.

I’ve chosen to discuss Shakespeare’s film adaptations.

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