Peepli Live | Costume & Production Value

Peepli Live

Producers: Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, Co-producer: Ronnie Screwvala
Director: Anusha Rizvi, Co-director: Mahmood Farooqui
Production Designer: Suman Roy Mahapatra, Costume Designer: Maxima Basu

I loved these lines in the movie:

Phir baba ka sweater pehna hai…
Dhaniya to the little boy (centre of the frame)

Peepli Live

L - R | Little boy 1, Budhia, Little boy 2, Natha, Dhaniya, Little girl

“You have to follow a story right to its conclusion! Koi log doctor ban jaate hai, engineer ban jaate hai… We’re journalists! This is what we do! If you can’t handle it, then, you’re in the wrong profession.”
Malaika Shenoy (Nandita) to Vishal O. Sharma (Rakesh)

Peepli Live

L - R | Aamir Bashir, Nandita Mallik, Naseeruddin Shah

My thoughts on the styling are as follows

Journalist style – Nandita Mallik (Malaika Shenoy)

Nandita’s style is quite representative of an Indian journalist.
Kurtas teamed with jeans | Small dangling earrings | Sandals |
Of course, her character’s personal quirk would be the long dupattas.
It’s not difficult to figure out where her inspiration lies.

Peepli Live

L-R | Anusha Rizvi, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Malaika Shenoy

There’s a scene where we see only her back. She’s dejected and appropriately dressed for the sequence.
A white shirt tunic that buttons up to the elbow | Paired with a grey jacket | Worn with jeans and sandals |
While the outfit is classic modern journalist, the colours are apt for the mood.

Peepli Live

R | Nawazuddin Siddiqui

A brilliant scene, in terms of aesthetic value. A barren piece of land, a frail, almost dying body in a big ditch and a squatting onlooker. The only popping use of colour is also in the palette of earthy tones, namely orange. Notice how the vertical stripes teeter towards the ground and merge with the black. In contrast, the obvious fertility and greenery of the adjoining land is in the background.

– Dhruvi Shah

Now, for some fun:

From the elaborate notes taken on my reliable Blackberry, I’m going to post a few phrases. Look out for these while watching the movie.

Peepli Live

International times - the great Indian tragedy

Firoza bracelet wearing Salman Khan lookalike | Striking turquoise stripes | Fake looking Ray Ban aviator sunglasses | Military print hat | Starched collared shirts worn under sweaters | Bright patchwork shawl | Pullover cardigans and sweaters | Grey and pink 2 piece suit | Long dupattas | Khaki pants | Hideous tie |

If you can spot at least 5 of the 11 in the film and give me a rough estimate of when they appear, you’ll receive a surprise giveaway.
Leave your observations along with your details (name and email address) in the comments section.

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