Alice Returns | Wear Your Playing Cards

Out of the rabbit hole,
I was wandering the streets of Mumbai
There was a signpost to guide me
Attached to a wishing well

Signpost | Golmaal

I was really careful what I wished for 🙂

Not only did I grab a loot of accessories, a dress and tank

I spotted Cherry, wearing a pack of cards, her style
Agreeing to be the first street style spotted on this blog

Cherry | Shorts

I didn’t know who was, other than her name
Her shorts I eyed more than was sane

In losing light, signpost in sight, wishing well’s might,
I snapped her quickly

Cherry | Street Style

Of course, I did ask her where the shorts were from
Street Soul, she said, & I wasn’t surprised
You’d know why if you read the DIY post on shopping like Saif Ali Khan

Cherry | Sporting her suits of playing cards

Alice’s adventure was worth a ride

If you’re looking to be featured,
make a trip to the rabbit hole often
(like you have now)

If you want a custom-made signpost,
leave a comment or contact me via email

And if you want Alice, the personal shopper
do the same as above. 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

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