Pack of cards | Alice

Postcards from Oxford

Alice wandered to Alice’s shop
And found a pack of cards
She built a card castle of relationships
She played with Kings and Queens of her kingdom

You're nothing but a pack of cards!

The cheshire cat taught her how to grin
The madhatter tricked her into almost accepting defeat
The red queen wanted to be ‘off with her head’
But it was the white queen she had most fun playing with

And she asked all those living in her kingdom
Would they bow to the queen of hearts?
Or fight the ace of Spades?

These are the answers she received.

She even asked her friends on the BlackBerry Messenger
They were quick to responded
She tabulated their answers as below

Her best friend akin to the rabbit confessed
While playing the game of hearts, the black queen
Had brought upon many a nightmares

The gore of the Ace of Spades hadn’t escaped Alice either

Ace of Spades | Scare

On reading more, she found
The ace of spades was also referred to as the ‘death card’
It was all a dream
She thought to herself

Alice | Dreams | Nightmares

And was off to sleep again…

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

Photographs – Oxford: Himani Shah

2 thoughts on “Pack of cards | Alice

    • Alice says:

      Aawww, now don’e be honest Coop. I wouldn’t be in Oxford if it weren’t for you, let alone the shop. & I will only be a renowned film critic when you write my biography! ❤ ❤ ❤


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