Lafangey Parindey outfit | Go green

So, what did I wear to the press screening of Lafangey Parindey?
We had a couple of minutes to take some quick shots.

In several YashRaj films, there is a serene shot of the heroine,
looking at herself in the mirror as she gets ready.

I didn’t imagine it would happen to me too. I love it!

I chose to wear this dress because it is simple. And yet it makes a statement with the bold flowers. I love the clean visual impact thanks to the straight lines and symmetry of the dress. The way a garment is cut makes all the difference.

You don’t need anything more than a dress, earrings, tote bag and striking heels to make an impact and keep your outfit minimal. These shoes, worn previously here, go well with Indian and Western ensembles.

The tote bag was actually picked up by the sister at Hard Rock Cafe, Paris. The graffiti is striking as is but is accompanied by a message on a tag, ‘Save the Planet’. The bag is made from natural cotton and only water-based inks are used.

I love the green of the flowers on my dress. The green of my earrings is so soothing. And of course, nothing beats being ‘eco-friendly’. xoxo

Dress – Golmaal, Lokhandwala, Mumbai, India | Tote bag – Hard Rock Cafe, Paris, France | Earrings – Golmaal, Lokhandwala, Mumbai, India

Photographs: Aniruddha Guha

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