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Speaking of Cats

Cats & Dogs – The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Release Date (India) : 20th August, 2010
Director: Brad Peyton
Cast (voices): James Marsden (Diggs), Nick Nolte (Butch), Christina Applegate (Catherine), Katt Williams (Seamus), Bette Midler (Kitty Galore)
Runtime: 82 mins

When we went in for the film, we were expecting a film for kids. We were also under the impression that it was an out-and-out animated film. That wasn’t the case. It was obviously built on CGI (computer generated imagery) but it was integrated with live action.

At first glance, the cat, Kitty Galore is hideous. One wonders why she has the title role. The revelation of how she came to be Kitty Galore, though, is hilarious. Her message to dogs encoded on a video is what triggers the action in the film.

The following chain of events causes ‘cats and dogs’ to work together for the first time in history.

If you’re not a pet owner or pet lover, watching a film based entirely on animals can get a little tedious. There is little or no interaction with the human actor (Chris O’Donnell). Especially, in comparison to other films featuring animals along with an important human character (the Garfield movies for instance).

Those concerns aside, the gags were quite funny. The headquarters of the two different species, highlighting their varied interests and behaviours were some of the best created concepts. Showing the pigeons infesting air-conditioning spaces to make homes was an entertaining slice of reality. The climax scene with the magician (played by a human) induced quite a few laughs.

If it has been raining ‘cats and dogs’ and you must watch a film, you could perhaps give it a shot. Or you could just wait for the DVD to release.

The film’s website is quite interactive. If you want to check for more details.

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