Of current movies & their promotional tee(s)

This post is about promotional t-shirts for Hindi films, used for different purposes at different stages of the film’s release.

At Yash Raj Films, it is a practice to create and produce promotional merchandise for their films exclusive to the cast and crew.

As press, we always see someone from the crew sporting the film’s t-shirt at screenings, while the public gets a view when the cast wears it to publicity events.

The YRF people were kind enough to send me these Lafangey Parindey images.

Lafangey Parindey t-shirt

While Neil Nitin Mukesh himself sported the t-shirt at an outing.

Neil Nitin Mukesh with the LP crew

It was just really sweet of his dad to get a Lafangey Parindey kurta made for himself (via Neil Nitin Mukesh’s twitter @NeilNMukesh)

Nitin Mukesh in a LP kurta

Yash Raj Films merchandise is not on sale though.

But merchandise can be retailed before the film’s release to generate awareness. Like in the case of this film.

I Am t-shirts

These t-shirts are being sold for the film I Am. To buy, log on here
They are presently running a contest and you could win the t-shirt for free here

I Am is actually a combination of 4 stories, a heart wrenching tale subtly and beautifully told. To read up on the film, visit their website at IAmTheFilms.
What is interesting about the film is that it is crowd sourced. You could contribute to its production and distribution too if you choose.

And to end on a totally hilarious note.

T-shirts can also be part of a package giveaway. They are neither made for the cast and crew nor sold to generate awareness. They are simply distributed so you remember the film.

Malaysia’s first 3D award-winning animation film in Hindi, Geng is releasing in India. While I missed the screening, my friend sat through the show at noon. And I simply had to steal the t-shirt from her goody bag to feature it here.

Geng t-shirt

I hope you enjoyed this short post. Film merchandising is a story I’ve been meaning to tell and it comes together… bit by bit. Watch out. 🙂

What do you think of promotional merchandise for films? Love the idea? Hate it? Want to sport it? Would never do so? Reply in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Of current movies & their promotional tee(s)

  1. Beth says:

    I pay little attention to how films are promoted because I so rarely get to see new films in the cinema, so all of this was news to me! 🙂 What are your thoughts on why these things aren’t sold? Surely there are mega fans who would pay for them?

    My favorite is the one-off kurta!


    • Alice says:

      Yay! I’m glad it was of news to you.

      There are some possible reasons why this merchandise is not sold.
      a) Film costume is more popular than promotional merchandise (people are hesitant to sport a film’s branding on themselves as compared to something previously worn by an actor in a film)
      b) Promotional merchandise is viewed as useless by filmmakers once the film has released and doesn’t need promotion
      c) Promotional merchandise has to be part of the marketing campaign right from its inception stage. Marketing budgets may not always allow for merchandise and there could be other such glitches.

      However, if this post interested you, you are in for a treat as I’m coming up with a detailed post on popular film costume.

      Since I know you’re a mega fan, which film’s promotional merchandise would you like to pay for?

      And yes, the one short, one full sleeved kurta was my best too. I waited for someone to notice and I’m so glad it was you. *hugs*


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