Same same but different | We are

We Are Family starring Kajol and Kareena Kapoor released today.

At the press screening, I was jumping with joy.

If you freeze at 0:07 on the video, you will see Kajol wearing this:

Kajol in We Are Family

Although the scene is sad, explaining why she is dressed in a grey tunic with black embroidery and black buttons.

You will see how much fun I’ve had with the tunic. 😀

Photographs: Aniruddha Guha

Tunic – Options Mall, Juhu, Mumbai, India

I love the colourful buttons. I usually pair the ensemble with either yellow or purple chappals. Of course, I don’t miss the opportunity to flaunt my pwetty pink shoes.

Unfortunately, the Banyan Tree Cafe at Worli, Mumbai has shut down.

You know I love contests and prizes. Sooo… if you can tell me the approximate time in the film you spot Kajol wearing the tunic, you shall win a surprise!
Leave the details in the comments section or email me. Can’t wait! xoxo

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