To green or not to green?

I create this post on the 5th day of my fast. I’m half-way through.
Why am I fasting? I was born to a family that follows Jainism by way of religion.
These 8 days are considered extremely sacred for Jains.
The basic guiding principle of Jainism as I have understood it to be is not to harm any form of life.
Our priests (if you may call them that) advocate staying away from greens, underground roots, non-vegetarian food (of course) in our diet.

This 8 day festival is called Paryushan (in Gujarati). Most people I come across confuse it with pradushan (meaning pollution in Hindi).

That is an interesting confusion.
For the eight days of paryushan, Jains do not eat greens.
To reduce pradushan, going green is the best alternative.

We live in an age where eco-friendly options are easily available.
So much literature is available on the subject.
And it is even considered “fashionable” to be environmentally friendly.

The particular outfit I have embedded below is my pictorial representation of when I felt very green.

Dress – Gap @ Evolve, Lokhandwala, Mumbai, India | Necklace – Factory, Pattaya, Thailand | Bracelet – Platinum Mall, Bangkok, Thailand | Bag – Street stall, Pattaya, Thailand | Sandals – Old Navy @ Evolve, Lokhandwala, Mumbai

Green Day

Photographs: Aniruddha Guha

I have come to understand the bag is probably eco-friendly too. I love to carry it around. In other news, I’m still looking for the perfect green footwear.

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

I adore these Old Navy thong sandals. They’re so comfortable. I have to thank Aniruddha for introducing me to the little shop in a mall I would have never otherwise stepped foot in: Evolve.

Do you love the colour green? What do you do to go green? Keep me posted!

One thought on “To green or not to green?

  1. Unknown says:

    wah! the post a reason to flaunt the shopping stuff 😛
    ..but am geniunely interested in knowing about different religions..I know about the underground roots..u dont eat potato,onions etc right..I always believe there is some method in the madness..


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