Je t’aime Gossip Girl a Paris

On 13th September, 2010, Gossip Girl season 4 premiered with the episode Belles de Jour.

I love Gossip Girl in Paris:

Blair and Serena are a spitting image of sisters on vacation.
& of course, their style is fantastic.

Don’t we just wish we could shop from Chanel and walk Parisian streets carefree?

We would dress in our best and walk in a strut.

Be wooed by princes and taken to dinner.

Have a fight or two with the sister – our only best friend!

And simply make up with a pastry that
can’t be refused outside of the Eiffel Tower.

The magic of Paris!

Have you watched the Gossip Girl episode yet? Here’s the first look:

What are you waiting for? Watch it! So we can talk about it right here!

4 thoughts on “Je t’aime Gossip Girl a Paris

  1. Beth says:

    It was such a fun episode – but how can Chuck have a different name?!? My favorite Chuck dialogue ever is “I’m Chuck Bass,” and now he can’t even have that! I hated Serena’s hats though 🙂


    • Alice says:

      It was a fun episode! I know, the whole Chuck thing: unsolved mystery is a tad uncomfortable. They had better find a way to bring back his identity and his scarf. About Serena’s hats, I shall have a closer look ‘cuz I’m just biased when it comes to hats and Serena. 😛


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