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In the really cold winter of the year going by, the sister and I decided to go away to Europe for a fortnight. Paris was our most coveted destination.

It is impossible for us to watch Paris and not think of one another. Gilmore Girls go to Paris and we are dreamy-eyed. When the Gossip Girl stars Serena and Blair are in Paris, we’re screaming with joy.

2 Days in Paris. I, for one, couldn’t stop smiling.

We were living the dream. Across from the Gare du Nord at the Terminus Nord; walking the street, shopping from Gap and Gucci; embracing the Eiffel tower amidst a snowfall and sipping on bubbly at the Moulin Rouge. It was perfect!

Long baths. Quick bites at cafes. Hopping on and off open buses. Freezing in our fancy shoes. Hunting for boots. A boat ride around Paris at night. Lighting candles at the Notre Dame. Swinging in and out of Hard Rock Cafe. Leaving with the beautiful memory of Moulin Rouge.

Photographs: Himani Shah

What are your memories of Paris? Reel or real? You can let me know. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Paris | J’Adore

  1. Janvi says:

    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m leaving for Paris this Friday (for the first time) to meet my boyfriend and will spend just about 3 days there 😦 I’m already scrambling with things-to-do in Paris including Montmartre, Eiffel, Champs Elysees and Louvre as well the cruise across Seine. I’m really excited! Paris is such a dream!


  2. Alice says:

    Wow! I’m so happy for you. I really hope you have a magical time.
    I wouldn’t have imagined doing all the things I did in just a day, given the weather. But I managed and so will you. Paris will give you the energy.
    It is a dream! A beautiful beautiful one. & you must go to the Moulin Rouge. It is simply spectacular. Just email me if you want any more details.


  3. Beth says:

    I am no fan of Paris. I was there for a week one summer in uni and it was hot, dusty, and crowded; I got pickpocketed; and people were indeed rude despite me speaking French (and I wasn’t HORRIBLE at French at the time). None of these things is the city’s fault, except perhaps the rudeness, but the whole experience left me totally cold. I’d love to go back in cooler weather with fewer crowds and try again, though. And I loved the other parts of France I visited (Normandy and the Loire Valley). London is my favorite city 🙂


    • Alice says:

      Your experience in Paris that summer does sound difficult, to say the least!
      Maybe it’s all that hype around Paris that leaves most people disappointed.
      We were just lucky to go at a time when everything was snow-laden and the Eiffel Tower greeted us with fresh snow.
      I want to explore France. I studied about it for 4 years. I’m very intrigued!
      Of course, nothing beats London for me either. I wish I could just live there! Seriously.


  4. Sonali Gandhi says:

    I couldn’t fathom all the hype about Paris being the most awesome city in the world (when I first explored it)……yet drawn like a magnet, I found myself in it again…this time only to fall into intoxicating love with it!

    Absorbing the energy of the vibrant city and its people, walking down Champs-Elysees, spending leisurely hours in street cafes, sipping on coffee, navigating my way through the ceaselessly fascinating Metro system, tucking into crepes and waffles (every chance I got), musing over the myriad museums’ famed exhibits, shopping at local markets, visiting Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison’s graves at Pere Lachaise Cemetery… was with my soul’s batteries recharged that I came away…..only to commence dreaming of the next time I could relive the magical moments……


    • Alice says:

      Only you (my English teacher) and a writer of your command could draw an image of Paris the way you have.
      Visualizing you in Paris with the help of your description is a treat in itself. I can’t wait to go away on a vacation with you.
      Thank you for decorating my blog with your passionate words. A traveller and writer’s delight!


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