Anjaana Anjaani | Strange stories

For some retarded reason, I am crazy about this film’s title song.
It all started the day I started blogging.
Unaware of my circumstances and the people around me,
I started singing loudly and dancing along to the tune.

I tweeted several times: Anjaana aa aa aaa a Anjaani ee ee eee e

It’s obvious I can’t wait for the film to release. I’m even more geared after listening to the music. One Sunday evening, my car radio and stereo were acting up. I was with a friend who sings the song as often as I do. We went to Irla (the street that should be renamed Alfa street) to look for a music CD of the film. We were in luck. A transaction that lasted 5 minutes and an exchange out of a car window later, we were proud motor-mouths.

(Looking at this picture has reminded me to post the cutest earmuffs for you guys)

Anyway, this morning, I changed my Blackberry status to: What does today have in store?

Much to my surprise, I had won the Hindustan Times – Anjaana Anjaani contest!
I don’t usually have very good luck with such things.

So, of course, there had to be a silver lining. I sent them my contact number. They told me I was expected at the Kingdom of Dreams (NCR) tonight. But they hadn’t accounted for how a Mumbai resident would travel. Boo! So, yeah my dreams shall remain within my own kingdom. 😦 & I could neither trust HT nor could I visit the Kingdom of Dreams. I also missed the chance to meet Priyanka Chopra & Ranbir Kapoor. 😦

They say luck favours the brave. So, I shall hope for better luck next time. Meanwhile, let’s pray for our fairy tales to come true because the right answer is: All the greatest love stories are between strangers!

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