Help me be independent | Pretty please?

I was on Facebook, linking everyone to new blog posts.
& I came across this cool contest.

I’ve been trying to buy my own domain name for a while.
The PayPal site keeps giving me trouble and online transactions aren’t Debit card friendly.

Since you like to visit the blog, please leave a comment.

It’s that simple. Your comment could help me win my own domain name!

Since there are no limited numbers on this, you could win the same for your blog:
Simply click on this link:

Now you can win a WordPress compatible hosting plan worth $30 from WPWebHost for you to host your blog, with free domain name provided!


1 year Rookie Plan with FREE domain name (1GB space | 5GB/mo bandwidth)

How To Win?

  1. Blog about this contest and link back to this post. You could take a banner here and insert to your post.
  2. Get 7 comments for your post. (Trackback isn’t counted)
  3. Submit your blog post URL through comment below, along with your name and valid email address in the provided fields.
  4. Yippee! You have just won a FREE WordPress hosting plan + a domain name. We will email you further steps to claim the prize within 2 weeks.

Hoping to hear from you! 🙂

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