Was fate sealed in sea shells?

It was one of those days I was taking the 7:10 pm train from work.
There was a bustle, an ocean of people as there always is at CST station.

Across from me was this girl. She was reading, perhaps.
It was her bag I noticed as she stood up to mount it on the carrier.
“I like your bag,” I said. She smiled. I went on to enquire where she had bought it.

The train hadn’t started to move. A friend was dashing towards the station.
I had to wait by the door to show her where I was.

I returned and this time, I noticed the girl’s shoes.
I enquired again. She asked me, ‘Are you a student of design?’

That’s how I met the sea shell girl or as previously referred to: the girl from the train.

We didn’t exchange numbers just then. We tried but it was my stop and I couldn’t find my business card.
“If we’re meant to meet again, fate will make it happen.”
She said that to me! And just like that, I knew we would.

I did meet her again. We located each other on facebook. Added ourselves on the Blackberry messenger list.

Some months later, she sells sea shells off attics and more. 🙂

She ‘collected’ stones over time from different places, hence, each piece is inimitable. Her design ideology is simplistic, to bring out natural textures and designs. So, she uses natural minerals and doesn’t exactly produce in bulk.

She sells at the Attic: Bir Sagar 396/20, flat #1, end of 17th road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai, India

Or you could buy from her at: salonee.shesells@gmail.com
Visit her facebook page here: She sells on facebook

You know I love such fated encounters.
Would you like to share yours?
Get in touch with me at alicewandering25@gmail.com
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6 thoughts on “Was fate sealed in sea shells?

  1. Dhvani says:

    Love the write-up. Fate and Droobi – that’s always a good combination for Alice. I almost can’t believe The Girl From The Train told you that – it’s almost like she peeked into your head and said what is very you 🙂 Some things are just meant to be. Love the photos, btw, She Sells


    • Alice says:

      Yeah. I’m a proud owner of one myself. All her details are on the post itself. You could email her or get in touch with her through her facebook page. She’s also a photographer. 🙂


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