Zoozoo in a Baaraat

While it is the holidays for most people, it is also wedding season!

I’ve been having a blast. First, it was my school friend’s roka (a formal announcement of one’s marriage) and then, it was my friend’s sister’s marriage.

The most popular song at any ‘sangeet’ this season has been ‘Aivai aivai’ from Band Baaja Baaraat. It was undoubtedly one of the best films to have released this year. And appropriate to the Indian scenario where marriages seem to be more of a celebration than Christmas or New Year’s.

Now is it possible for me to watch a film and not spot a piece of clothing I already own or don’t have a connection with? You got that right.

In Band Baaja Baaraat, Bittu (Ranveer Singh) is a final year student of Delhi University. He is shown wearing t-shirts and jeans through most of the film. Some of the t-shirts are really quirky.

In the song, ‘tarkeebein’, if you freeze at 1:07, 2:49 and 3:01, you will catch Ranveer wearing a Zoozoo t-shirt.

Zoozoo t-shirts are really popular with the youth. Every other week, someone on the train will be spotted wearing it. It’s extremely fascinating that an advertising campaign started only a couple of years ago has achieved such popularity.

Personally, I think Zoozoos are adorable. That’s probably why my friend gifted me a ‘Miss Zoozoo’ t-shirt on my birthday last year. I endorse it even though I’m not a Vodafone user. 🙂

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

I just love the graphic on the tee. It’s so me. Especially, the zoozoo plucking petals at the back. You can buy a Zoozoo t-shirt from any Shoppers’ Stop. They’re the official retailers for this Vodafone merchandise. Or you can buy them online here.

I wore it to Indigo Cafe and had their amazing wine & mushroom risotto. You vegetarians should definitely try it.

Do you love the Zoozoos? Share your happy memories of them. I’d love to hear!

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