And she blogs…

Let me start this post with the season’s greetings! A ‘happy new year’ is tradition.

But truly, I wish all of you a lot of fun this year. In the year gone by, overspending my tears has taught me to never leave behind those laughs. Always be happy!

Last year, I’m not so sure my emotions were tightly sealed. The alternating seepage and spill caused a lot of damage. However, the creative juices chose to overflow. A definite reason to be jolly!

Sometime mid-year, Alice (my oh-so-popular alter-ego) tumbled down this rabbit hole (the blog) and met all you wonderful people. Your visits, likes, comments and subscription emails cheered me up when I was lost. I sincerely hope I added to the muchness of your lives. It’s not something we want to lose now. 🙂

So, I’m hoping we continue this journey in 2011 and the rest of the decade. I shall let the fat out of the cat, cook and dine with white queens, play dress up with red queens and take the madhatter to cinema, all for your entertainment. Hop on to this ride!

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