Some cravings are big!

It’s unfortunate that I have to rethink titles for this blog post in attempt to make it sound not dirty. And yet, I fail.

So, you know there are those days in every girl’s life when you crave bizarre things? I will never get over craving ‘kamrak’ when I was fasting? I mean, tangy green star-shaped fruit, really?

"kamrak" and mangoes anyone?

As you guys already know, I have a major sweet tooth. I open the fridge every now and then hoping to find some exotic chocolate. It usually doesn’t work. I must eat a sweet dish to end my meal, as much as possible! I’m being truthful.

As I mentioned earlier, over a month and a week ago was my birthday. My best friend had declared the theme to be ‘Alice in Wonderland’. We found some fun plates, glasses and stirrers. Even then, I was stressing too much, hoping to find cakes and drinks around the house, shrinking and blowing me up as and when I please. I had to snap out of Wonderland, because that wasn’t happening.

What did happen though was a giant cupcake. I gifted myself one on my birthday. There’s no better cure to mood-swings than generous doses of self-love. Try it!

Isn’t it sweet? I enjoyed it a little too much. You can get yourself one by placing an order a day in advance at Butterfly in Khar. For details, click here.

I think it’s really sweet to have messages written in icing on your cake.

Although, not everyone will take it in the right spirit. Remember, Miranda in Sex & the City freaking out when she reads ‘I Love You’ written on a giant chocolate chip cookie. She eats all of it by herself!

I love birthdays and presents and cakes! And right now, I’m craving a giant cupcake. Since I know I’m not getting one more, a triple scoop hot fudge ice-cream sundae would be nice. 🙂

image via

What are your big cravings? Did you ever get yourself a giant dessert?

2 thoughts on “Some cravings are big!

  1. Priya says:

    OK, so, I began reading your blog and lo! Here I am on the umpteenth post! You write really well hon 🙂 Well done! And, yes, it is blissful devouring a big dessert all on your own 😀 It is a ritual that I follow once a month 😀


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