It’s a hoot, the owl pendant necklace

Look what I dug out from my personal archives, especially for you, my loyal readers:

In July 2009, I was commissioned to do a fun feature for Filmfare magazine. We thought up this idea: put together a look identical to a celebrity’s. Easy, right? The catch: a shoe-string budget and two days to shop for it!

For my first assignment, I picked the look Sonam Kapoor flaunted at the Filmfare anniversary issue cover launch. For my first attempt, I was really lucky. I had discovered my main outfit (a jumpsuit) at a shop in Colaba for as little as Rs 650.

The tough cookie, though, was the owl pendant necklace. Copies were available at stalls but we had to cook up stories for them to let us photograph. Just then, the original pendant from Forever 21 went up on sale at ebay for less than Rs 470.

I will never understand how Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are always pitted against one another.

While you solve the riddle, jog your memory to November 26, 2010. Break Ke Baad had released. And Deepika Padukone was spotted wearing, what else, but an owl pendant necklace in the film!

Incidentally, the whimsical owl necklace she sports is also from Forever 21. Check it out:

It seems like everyone I know (including girl friends) want the owl pendant necklace. It’s a little late but it’s still in vogue. We’ve scouted the Mumbai streets and found them at Sabbah Sharma’s store in Juhu, Vero Moda’s store at Bandra and Street Soul in Lokhandwala. However, there are really cute ones out there. All you have to do is shop online. My picks follow.

Click on the links for details:

Amazon – here ; Modcloth – here ; Promod – here ; Fredflare – here ; Girlprops – here ; Econscious – here ; Miss Selfridge – here and Urban Outfitters – here

Hoot away! And if you already have an owl pendant or two, email me your pictures and we shall feature you on the blog. Lots of love, Alice.

Update: Ze friend, Shruti wandered the streets of Colaba  and found the owl pendant necklace she had been looking for. Like I had discovered on my shopping assignment and Raey had pointed out, imitations were available at the stalls. You could bargain with them and get them for Rs 100.

Photograph: Dhruvi Shah

6 thoughts on “It’s a hoot, the owl pendant necklace

  1. NC says:

    My friend has one from Colaba Causeway… Again, they’re ALL OVER CAMDEN MARKET!! (Dhruvi, it’s time for another trip here!!) ❤


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