Of blogs and contests | Sweet endings

When I logged on to facebook a couple of weeks ago, I discovered I had won a contest on girlyhour.com I was really happy, simply at the thrill of winning a contest. From previous experience (remember I won the HT Anjaana Anjaani contest and they wouldn’t take me to the Kingdom of Dreams?) hmph one isn’t always sure they’ll be rewarded with what they’re promised.

So, I’d tried my luck at a contest on missmalini.com If you posted a picture of yourself cooking in your kitchen, you stood a chance to win a Rs 1000 voucher + a glass of wine at the Versova branch of Mia Cucina.

So, yes, I did win. I had the liberty to pick a date and they would make a reservation. Fortunately for us, the day we picked co-incided with a wine tasting at the restaurant.

Chef and owner Sanjay recommended all the courses of our meal and we offered up our palates without much protest. A glass of red, white and rose, in that order added to the revelry. We ended with a slice of white cheesecake. The evening was pure bliss.

Some months later, my sister and I planned we would go for Sunday brunch. We tried a couple of places but much to our disappointment, restaurants were either full or the brunches were steeply priced.

That’s when Mia Cucina came to our rescue.

We did order the dessert outside of the brunch menu. Needless to say, it was a special brunch. We laughed, stuffed ourselves, talked and licked the plates clean.

I wish all contests, dinners and brunches had such sweet endings. ❀

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