Love it. Put a badge on!

My affection for badges is no secret. Single badges, regular and button have found their way to my shopping bag every holiday. Badge packs, in plenty sit at my desk. Assortments of badges are gift wrapped for dear ones. It is known, bags will be decorated with badges in my spare time.

It is only natural then that I would be google surfing button badges.

Wouldn’t the Toy Story 3 badges go perfectly with the theme of my bag?

So, my search threw up a delightful button badge store: TREATSIES

The categories for button badges were fascinating. I just knew I had to get some. Given the amount of time I had spent on the site, it wasn’t long before I made my way to the treatsies blog. While there, I took the poll, added to the top 5 reasons one must have button badges, etc.

Almost a month later, I received an email from James. He thought I was awesome. We had a back and forth of emails and a month later than that, a very sweet letter arrived in a mail package and 9 more badges to add to the collection!

I was nice and shared badges with my sister and friend. I loved the badges in the television category and of course, the Little Miss and Mr. Men series. My pick:

You may think I’m a little loopy to obsess over button badges. But they’re just so adorable and versatile. And they can seriously brighten up anything!I want to press my own! Any ideas?

My sister went to the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival and brought me a souvenir badge from the Chimp store. It’s biggg. She knows me too well. 😛

That’s the end of my epic post on button badges. I loved sharing this adventure. Who’s your favourite person, television show, movie, cartoon to have on a button badge? I want to know all your badge adventures. Share them in the comments section below the post.

5 thoughts on “Love it. Put a badge on!

  1. Raey says:

    i love the badges from chimp & chumbak collections!! They just pep up almost anything from bags to jackets!! You could also pin it up on a simple belt & voila you get something wacky!


  2. Jyotsna says:

    stumbled upon your blog..loveeeee it…have never tried the badge thing…waiting to get my hands on some of them..places in bbay where i can find em?


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