Alice bustles with Bollywood on MissMalini

So, it goes like this… I used to follow Malini’s show on college radio way back in the day. I logged on to said radio channel’s website and left her a sweet comment to which she instantly replied. As I graduated from college and started working, radio was replaced with the ipod. I don’t know when and how I rediscovered Malini on her blog. I was hooked on to

As they say, one thing always leads to another… So, here we are. Alice has too much Bollywood bustling in her and hence will be contributing to Look for Dhruvi Shah’s film reviews, sneak peeks and bubbling Bollywood blogs 🙂

I chose to start with recognizing the achievement of a superstar wife: Sussanne Roshan, superstar Wife/Interior Designer

You like?

To keep up with MissMalini’s blog, click on the pink icon on the right of this blog. You will be redirected. 🙂

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