No more manic Mondays. Go phoenix-ing and get yourself a makeover.

So, my friend Kavisha had been telling me to try out the Makeover Mondays at High Street Phoenix. It’s a tricky situation suggesting a makeover to someone. The idea isn’t always well received. The implications far outweigh the intentions. Anyway, I thought I’d pamper myself on Valentine’s Day and off I went. At High Street Phoenix, you have a lot of shopping brands. Just so you don’t drop after you shop, beauty brands participate with some exciting offers. It’s a pretty simple process. On the first Monday of every month, you register yourself at the Makeover Mondays kiosk in the courtyard. In exchange, they give you coupons that you can redeem all through the day. What did I have in store?

First up, a consultation at the Power House Gym kiosk. The trainer on site will measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) and suggest a combination of diet and exercise routine most suitable to you.

Second, you can get in a lather over Lush.

At the Lush store, an expert will treat you to a facial. A three way process, it begins with cleansing, moves on to scrubbing and ends with moisturizing. All the products used are made fresh at the store devoid of preservatives and available for you to take home!

Last but definitely not the least, a gift hamper from The Bombay Store. While the store needs no introduction, I reviewed the products I received for you, my lovely readers. The Bombay Store releases personal care products under the name Diva. The hamper contains a massage oil, face wash and bath gel. I took the oil to my massage appointment and my therapist loved it. She said if you took a steam bath after your massage, you didn’t even need to shower. The face wash and bath gel are of a sandal-turmeric fragrance and although my sister seems to be allergic to the smell, I find them extremely beneficial.

So, that was my Makeover Monday while phoenix-ing. Are you going to get the special Women’s Day one? Want to hear a secret? Chanel’s participating too and will show you make-up tips and tricks you don’t want to miss. πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “No more manic Mondays. Go phoenix-ing and get yourself a makeover.

  1. Manasvi says:

    Hey πŸ˜€ I’m sure you had a Princess Treatment πŸ™‚ Anyway is it like everone gets selected or its by some luck draw thing.


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