One bag in all my bags. Get yours!

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this bag organiser I picked up when I met Beverly Pereria at the Candies Bazaar & Bling.

Bag organiser

It sounded perfect and looked just right. Not only was I looking for a solution to the clutter in my bag but I also love organizational tools. The girly girl that I am, I bought a waterproof pink one with blue drawstrings. It has a separate zipped compartment where I fit my make-up and four pockets in different sizes where I fit my pen drive, visiting cards case, digital camera and ipod touch. In the main case, I fit my wallet, keys, spectacle cases, lens case and solution, etc. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and after the initial internal resistance and surprise, I now take 5 minutes to arrange my bag. Talk about saving time and energy!

Silk cases

Now, Beverly is a sweetheart and is on a mission to rid us of excess baggage for the better. 😉 I have a sailor fixation (I think it started with watching too many Donald Duck cartoons) and in teenage years, Johnny Depp did the trick. I love nautical stripes! But even sailors have to deal with one problem. Wet toiletries. And nobody likes those! Bag in a bag has a solution. While travelling, carry silk cases for your bikinis/delicates and shoes. And fit your make-up products and toiletries in waterproof cases. She has some lovely designs on offer. Check them out!

Waterproof cases

If you’re interested in bag in a bag products, join the facebook group or email

Coming up: A post that will feature the contents of Alice’s bag. And a contest for those who write in with pictures of theirs. 😉

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