In love.

Before I head out, I want to do this quick post on a dress that has caught my fancy. It was a late January evening. I was leaving for the vine ‘yard sale’ in a couple of days and hadn’t found the dress I was looking for. I wasn’t going without but my determination was withering. I had scouted all the possible malls when Aniruddha suggested we drive past Lokhandwala. Perhaps, some boutique might be open. And Golmaal came to my rescue.

Simrita kept the store open beyond her usual working hours and showed me this love dress. A carefully cut heart shape at the back and a seamless square neckline. How had I missed it? I was in love when I tried it. Hearts are Alice’s weakness after all. The Red Queen would approve.

I wore the dress to Sula and had a repeat showing on Valentine’s Day. The picture has brought me too many compliments.

I’m feeling especially blessed, fortunate and motivated today. But most importantly, loved! I just want to say a big thanks to everyone in my life and share all this love. :*

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