My fortune cookie reads ‘red toe nails at a French salon’

I’ve always wanted a splash of red on my nails. There’s something bold and feminine about the colour. And who does nails better than the French, eh? So, to fulfil this wish, I hopped to Jean Claude Biguine’s friendly outlet in Juhu.

Jean Claude Biguine, Juhu

The French salon has an extensive menu for nails. It took us less than 2 minutes to decide that I should get the Biguine Bio pedicure.

Jean Claude Biguine menu for nails

The pedicure started with the usual routine of cleaning nails, removal of dead skin and dipping feet in hot water. Umesh (my pedicurist recommended by Megha) then scrubbed my feet with Biguine Bio’s exfoliant wax. Once he rinsed that off, he applied a dose of organic Ylang Ylang cream for intensive care of hands and feet.

A foot massage followed. For 15 minutes, Umesh requested me to shut my eyes and concentrate. He healed my feet with acupressure techniques. I was left with unknotted, devoid of pain and softer, younger looking feet.

The pedicure station

An application of Provencal garden mask for sensitive skin constituted the last stage of my skin pampering-relaxing pedicure. Having left it on for a generous 5-7 minutes, I was almost through. To finish off, I was handed a selection of O.P.I. nail varnishes. I was attracted to 3 shades of red but my final choice was determined by the title, ‘Red my fortune cookie’.

Happy feet

I came home on a pair of happy feet armed with some useful tips. It’s essential to get a pedicure at least every month. My problems of tanned feet and drying skin will soon disappear if I tend to my feet regularly. An interesting home remedy is to apply olive oil combined with a garlic juice on your feet and leave it on for the night. It’ll make your toes stronger and your feet cleaner.

In celebration of Women’s Day, JCB is running promotions all month. Maybe you could avail of an exciting offer. 🙂

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