Biguine invited bloggers for beauty regimes :)

Jean Claude Biguine Fashion Bloggers' Meet

So, Jean Claude Biguine is taking fashion bloggers seriously. A bunch of us were invited for a workshop on beauty and hair tips for the summer. It wasn’t all serious business though. We indulged in wine, food and pampering sessions. This time around, I thought I’d try the mini manicure. I picked a bold purple colour. I’d met Aastha earlier in the day to discuss the upcoming yard sale. And she wanted a mini mani too. We were like girls right out of a tv show, spending an evening chatting over manis. MissMalini and Sue were there too! 🙂 We met girlyhour. And it’s really funny when you finally meet people you’ve been interacting with through blogs, emails and technology. Sonu and Jasleen from Fashion Bombay were there. It was a lot of fun talking to so many different people. Hoping for more fun! 😀

Aastha getting a mini manicure

Samira (facial expert) and the JCB team's demo

A how-to for curly hair

How to curl your straight hair

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