Alice loves the Volkswagen Beetle



Browning’s words are so true. I grew up listening to a joke involving a Volkswagen. The punch line was that Volkswagen’s boot was at the front of the car. In my grown up years, I haven’t owned a real Beetle but I bought my sister a toy Barbie one when she was 9. We still have it and every time my nephew comes over, he has to play with it! In the year that went by, gen next Hindi film heroines, namely Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone identified the Beetle as the car for their on-screen characters. You remember the blog I wrote? I haven’t managed to test drive it yet but may be there’s a sign.

Alice and the Beetle

Alice and the Beetle

Photograph: Mom

Jumpsuit – Evolve, Lokhandwala | Clutch – Bliss, Versova | Shoes – New Look, UK

On twitter, you must have noticed the promoted trend #VWBeetle. The new design was revealed in NYC.

The New Beetle

The New Beetle

I like it! I think I’m going to love the Beetle with all its design changes and always think of it as iconic. And perhaps one day, muster the courage to go down to the showroom and take it out for a test drive. Speaking of which, I’m seeing way more Beetles on Mumbai roads nowadays. The marketing’s working, huh? Do you love the Beetle as well?

3 thoughts on “Alice loves the Volkswagen Beetle

  1. Raey says:

    Is that a pink beetle you’re posing with?? Even I always had a thing for beetle! Its the cutest car ever made! Wanna own a red beetle someday..Aaahh wishful thinking 😀


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