#NowListening to Khoya Khoya Chand

Shaitan film still

Shaitan film still

@R_Khanna and @MissMalini

@R_Khanna and @MissMalini

The other day, I was covering Mikey, the music producer’s party for MissMalini. I had some clue that he had produced the remixed Khoya Khoya Chand (the song) that appears in Shaitan. But I had no idea I would be coming back home with it. Also, I found out how the song came to be and that Sony Music India had released it as a single. To read the full story, check out my piece on MissMalini.com What’s even more exciting is that Rahul Khanna and MissMalini both love the track! That brought a tweet from Rahul Khanna my way. Yay!

Obviously, I’ve been ODing on the song. You know, it’s the kind you want to listen to sipping a glass of wine on a rainy day.

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