Alice’s First “Twinterview” | Snippets

Hola readers. It’s been a while. I hope everyone’s doing good. I’m feeling excellent. As you already know, Alice was crowned a “Femina Blogger Bee”. Following the crowning was a “twinterview”. It was a first for me and wasn’t anything I could prepare for. It was just something that had to be spontaneous and honest. In case you missed it, here are snippets:

Femina Twinterview

Femina Twinterview

Femina Twinterview 1

Femina Twinterview

Femina Twinterview 2

Femina Twinterview

I hope you enjoyed it. To read the entire interview, log on to the Femina website or click on this link –>Β

Thanks for all the love and support. πŸ™‚ Talk soon.

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