The Nature’s Co. Products Review

Some weeks ago, The Nature’s Co. sent me a bunch of products to review and I was quite thrilled. Having used the products for 3 weeks now, I’ve decided it’s time to share my experiences. πŸ™‚ Firstly, I was really happy they decided to send me the Travel Kit. As you know, I’m an avid traveller. And a pouch with cleansing and bathing essentials is something you’ll always find in my travel bag. I can’t do without my products! Hence, it was a major leap for me to experiment with a body wash and hair cleanser but I did to some great results.

Travel Kit

Travel Kit

What you must know about The Nature’s Co. is the idea it is based on: ‘nature is the way of life’. So, all their products contain natural ingredients that are vegan, against animal cruelty, and of the best quality from across the globe. The products are manufactured using natural hill spring water and contain natural preservatives instead of synthetics.

Hair & Body Products

Hair & Body Products

That probably explains why the ‘Watercress Hair Cleanser’ is a great product. Unlike most shampoos, it’s light, lathers quickly and rinses off easily. It has a natural (for lack of a better word) fragrance that is soothing and relaxing. My hair’s been looking thicker, bouncier and revealing its natural colour thanks to this cleanser. Of course, the cleanser works better when paired with the ‘Watercress Hair Conditioner’. I learnt very early on that it was okay for shampoo to seep to the scalp but better for conditioner to just stay on the hair strands and ends. Apply the conditioner as a mask rather than use it as a cleanser. There’s a tip from Alice’s book you mustn’t forget. Again, the conditioner is light and water based. It’s a winner.

The ‘Lemongrass Body Wash’ immediately transports you to a spa with its rich fragrance. The wash gently glides over your body and leaves it moist and clean. A ‘Body Lotion’ in ‘Lavender’ has always been my favourite. It’s a girly girl’s product.

Hair & body products

Hair & body products

While we all know it’s really important to stay fit and exercise, my power yoga instructor insists we must also indulge in a hot salt water bath everyday to relax our muscles. The ‘Cinnamon Bath Salt’ is the perfect ingredient for my hot water bath. If you have a tub, pour a chunk before running the water and a soft lather will rise up. You could do the same if you’re using a bucket. Just imagine the fun of breaking cinnamon bubbles while enjoying an aromatic hot water bath.

The ‘Bath Soap’ is great too, especially, if someone like me, who has given up on soap, uses it. It’s a good replacement for the days you don’t feel like using body wash. Following on the heels of the naturalness of the ‘bath soap’ is the ‘Wooden Comb’. Most of us have been using plastic combs for as long as we can remember. They’re easy to maintain and cause lesser hair breakage. Right? Well, the ‘wooden comb’ broke that myth for me as I realized it unknotted the strands of my hair with as much ease while combing and fewer strands clung on to it after I was done. It’s great for when you want to make a parting too.

Last but not least is the ‘Insect Repellent Spray’. You would think a repellent spray isn’t of much use when you spend most time indoors away from insects. Well, that’s why I decided to test the spray when I went on a monsoon trek. It worked wonders. While everyone else was complaining of mosquito bites and what not, my skin was blemish free and protected.

Thanks to The Nature’s Co., I’ve tried out 8 great products. If you’d like to buy them, you could log on to their website or check out their facebook page. Let me know if you do. πŸ™‚ Until next time. Take care. :*

5 thoughts on “The Nature’s Co. Products Review

  1. Bhagyashree S says:

    Thank you for the great review. I am going to try them out real soon. I have heard that Parachute has come up with a new summer variant. Can you please review it? Thanks!! I would like to try it out according to your reviews.


  2. Rumpa says:

    I have the same query as Bhagyashree. Please review the summer variant from Parachute soon so that I can try it asap. Thanks!!


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