Want a clear glow on your face? Win Maybelline’s BB Cream!

Update: Happy Valentine’s Day! And congratulations Sonali Gandhi, Sonal Ved, Natasha, Sushmita Das, Sonal Aurora, Namrata, Carol, Akshita Jain, Shweta Mayank and Gunjan Batra, you have each won a Maybelline BB cream. 😀

Maybelline New York BB Cream

Maybelline New York BB Cream

Personally, I like to keep my make-up to the minimal. On an everyday basis, I wear moisturizer, dab on some loose powder, apply kohl to my eyes and balm to my lips. It’s as hassle free as that. So, I’m thrilled Maybelline New York has introduced India’s first BB cream.
BB Cream

BB Cream

It works pretty much like a tinted moisturizer and provides just the right amount of coverage like a foundation resulting in a very natural, no make-up look.
It even has the benefits of a sun block and moisturizer.
It comes in a compact, travel-friendly squeeze tube that fits right in my make-up pouch.
It’s available in 3 shades – nude, radiant and natural. I’ve picked the nude to go with my skin tone.
And it’s only for Rs 199.
To know more about the product, click on
8 Benefits

8 Benefits

Now why am I telling you all this? Of course, I’m sharing my opinion of the product but I’m also giving 10 of you a chance to win this product. That’s right!
Of the 8 benefits I’ve listed below, simply tell me which one will be most helpful for your skin and why.
1) Smoothes 2) Instantly brightens 3) Evens tones 4) Freshens 5) Mattifies 6) Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ 7) Conceals 8) Hydrates
Leave your answers in the comments below and the best answers win.
The contest closes on Valentine’s Day (14th February 2012).

40 thoughts on “Want a clear glow on your face? Win Maybelline’s BB Cream!

  1. Inge says:

    I believe that the most helpful benefit for my skin, is that it ‘instantly brightens’. I have a very pale skin which can sometimes look a bit dull. I normally use a moisturizer and some powder to tune up my skin and to make me look less tired; but it would be amazing and so useful if 1 little tube could do all that! I’m definitely curious to try it out 🙂


  2. Rashmi says:

    Conceals! Ever since I moved to Mumbai, my face has broken out horribly. I’ve tried quite a few things to make it better, but none seem to work very well… and since I don’t wear a ton of make up, I don’t want to cover my face in concealer and foundation. So it’d be nice to try out this Maybelline cream, which should help with the concealing and evening out my tone. 🙂


  3. Drishti says:

    Freshens! I think with so much pollution in the atmosphere and so much stress in the brains.. at the end of the day, all u need is to look cool and fresh and truly, there’s nothing like! So i would by this maybelline cream to look fresh all the time.


  4. Akshita Jain says:

    Wonderful giveaway!! Out of the 8 that the BB Cream Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ and that it conceals the skin work best for me. Being in Delhi a good SPF is mandatory and Yes, I do need a good concealer too. These are the two things that would work best for me.


  5. Sonali Gandhi says:

    With a cream as versatile as that, it is the fact that it instantly brightens that appeals to me the most. Not undermining it’s various other benefits, I think with my crazy schedules (where I am constantly juggling much), I’d be happy to have a travel size tube in my bag that can do so much for me, in particular instantly brighten my face so that fatigue may not be apparent.


    • Khan Hasina Ahmed says:

      I believe that the most helpful benefit for my skin, is that I go for all the 8 options those are:
      1. Smoothes
      2. Instantly brightens
      3. Evens tones
      4. Freshens
      5. Mattifies
      6. Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++
      7. Conceals
      8. Hydrates.
      Because for a wonderful and attractive skin we have to have all the 8 above than only one’s skin can be perfectly a blend of beautifier and smartness and I believe that if Maybelline’s BB Cream have all the above than it is a perfect gathering of all the necessities which a woman wants to grab into her skin and I love this product for the multi-purposeful effects.
      Thanks and all the best.


  6. natasha says:

    Even tones would be great! My skin is all sorts of shades and has freckles from the sun. an all-in-one solution would be ideal! without spending 15-20 min on makeup everyday


  7. sushmita das says:

    6) Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++. I believe in long term benefits and sun protection is something which a skin needs everyday..whether on is inside or outside and it goes a looong way in decreasing the destruction of cells as we age. A skin which doesn’t have sun spots or unrequited tan..as such looks its natural best.


  8. Sweety Jain says:

    SPF as now summers are approaching and i dont want to get my face tanned due to harsh sun rays. no brightness and evennes look good on tanned face


  9. Deepika Sharma says:

    Freshens,,,must say…as what someone really wants is to have a fresh facee everytime…and its impossible ,, if you used to go office…so,,if this Maybelline product…cn reali help us…then one should not loose it…come..on…everione…hurry up…must buy….!!!


  10. jazzy says:

    all the 8 mentioned..! frankly speaking its quite hard to choose just one quality of all that it offers..! finally its in the indian market..! cant wait to get my hands on one ..!


  11. SONAL AURORA says:

    Conceals – I am 37 and my skin dosen’t look like it used to – with age I have a lot of spots, patches and horrible pigmentation. I have tried everything so far to help my face blend in as one – nothing works. I would love to try the new BB Cream and if it helps then am an avid customer.


  12. Twinkle Shah says:

    Conceal would be the best benefit for me. Currently am undergoing skin treatment for acne. Treating acne takes a long time and the scars take even longer to disappear. So this would be the best thing to do. Concealing it for a flawless skin. Specially with valentine’s day round the corner..


  13. Akshaya says:

    I have freckles on just one side of my face and nose. I don’t like using so much foundation and concealers to cover it up and looking cakey and unnatural. With the BB cream i can not only cover up my freckles but can also make sure that they don’t worsen with the SPF. I really want to get my hands on it.


  14. Shweta Mayank says:

    after pregnancy it’s really a miracle if you don’t have any skin problem ,same happened with me when i went through it i lost all my glow and my face got break out as well as blemishes and dullness .i m using so many products to hide the skin problem but it doesn’t sustain day long as well as not good for skin health.So i really want a single product which can hide the all showing problem of my skin and at same time it can protect my skin from outside pollution like sun ,dust etc.If bb can do all this for me it will really a life changing thing for me and also i ‘ll get all my confidence back


  15. Sonal Naidu says:

    I believe most helpful would itz even toning ability. Since it would automatically make my face look attractive and fresh , and would not require make up after that.


  16. Anmol chetal says:

    I feel that the sixth one will be most helpful for me because im a school going girl. And in India the sunlight is really harsh on the skin and I have a combination skin plus it is sensitive to sunlight. When my skin is exposed to sunlight it darkens immediately n sometimes I get white spots due to the sunlight. So BB cream with a sunblock with such a high SPF would be really beneficial for my sensitive skin as it will protect my skin from the sun and there wouldn’t be any further tanning. Because getting tanned is a major concern among school and college going girls.


  17. Namrata says:

    “Evens tones” is most helpful for me because whatever I apply, I m still not able to get that flawless even toned look. Also, I don’t want to spend hours & hours on my make-up daily. “Maybelline’s BB Cream” would be of great help to me & I would be free from the tension of uneven tone.


  18. ayushi maheshwari says:

    well,evrybody here says freshens,some says instant brightens,some says concels..some say spf but THE MOST IMP THING IS HYDRATING your skin becoz when u haydrate your skin itslef gets full of life
    1st. it will obviously look instantly brightend coz its fully hydarted got whats most needed which i hydartion.
    2nd. for looking beautiful the most imp things is mosturisation of ur skin naturally by hadrating it properly,,,,
    3rd .any suncreen can protect with spf ,any concelr can concel any foundation can brighten up BUT THER’S A BUT THESE HARM YOUR SKIN IN WAYS,,anytoner can even up the tone BUT IT TAKE MAYBELLINE’S BB CREAM” to do it all at once and doing it ithout any harm infact giving you benift of hydrating which is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU SKIN.
    MY VOTE IS UP FOR HYDRATES! with so much more benifits! just in 1 cream!!!<3<3<3


  19. Jayeeta says:

    that it “freshens” (no.7) instantly is d best part, bcoz no matter in office or a party, make-up or no-makeup, one thing that is always desirable & wins hands down is the ‘fresh’ look.


  20. farha khan says:

    As water is important and basic need for living just like hydration is important and basic need for skin , if ur skin is well hydrate it will create a moisturising effect which result in beautiful,healthy and glowing skin…so,for me its surely hyrate to skin..


  21. Aastha says:

    i will definitely purchase this product if not even win here as this Maybelline BB cream has all the benefits that i need for my skin:-
    1. Matt effect:- this benefit is one i will die for as I have an oily skin.
    2. Evens Tones:-I have darker skin around my nose corners , lips and below the lower lip.So this feature is going to give me the effect i have always wished for.
    3.Conceals:- As acne has left my cheecks spoiled with marks and dark spots, this will help me gain back my confidence.


  22. priya garg says:

    I would be buying it since it claims to EVENS OUT the skin tone.Though I am not a very big fan of heavy make up , so I usually end up applying the moisturiser and compact powder on top of it. But at the bottom of my heart, I have this chronic craving for a clear and even complexion. With this new BB cream by MAYBELLINE , I am eagerly looking forward to get that awesome flawless skin. I hope that this cream would add a spark to my personality and I would be more confident. I would not have to be on my toes looking out for n number of creams in market, rather I would get my beauty tonic and would be a regular buyer of it.


  23. Gunjan batra says:

    evryone knows that to prevent wrinkles u r supposd to wear a sunblock,but as my skin is oily i’ve struggled to find a sunblock that is matt and gives a non-oily n non-greasy fresh and natural look.
    for all the ladies who havnt tried it yet,u r missing out on the skin u ALWAYS wanted!

    this product is like a god send,i’ve never been as satisfied with a product before.
    thank u maybelline!


  24. Saba Nazki says:

    well…it gets dificult for me to change my ways n specialy wen it z abt my skin…BB CREAM z dat change..a positive change..brite n beautiful..n it makes u feel beautiful coz u luk beautiful n luk beautiful coz u feel beautiful…..:-):-)<3..


  25. Carol says:

    Luminous skin with just a hint of shimmer is what every woman strives to achieve plus proper sun protection from the Indian sun is essential – my makeup routine is actually simple – just moisturizer and concealer on most days so if Maybelline’s BB crème can achieve this then it’s worth a try because i can just dab it on and off I go !


  26. Prajna says:

    Hi Alice,
    First of all, Thanks for sharing about the product 🙂
    I ll say ‘Instantly brightens’ and ‘Freshens’ are 2 things I would love in a product.
    I usually don’t have time for any make up what-so-ever!
    So it would really help me if a product could make my face look fresh and bright for office.
    I would love to win this 🙂


  27. sakshi bansal says:

    This product works as a sunscreen so this is perfect not only for me but for every girl who wants to protect her skin and have a radiant n bright skin


  28. diksha saini says:

    according to me da best benefit is dat it hydrates the skin , because a hydrated skin is the skin which is bright,fresh,smooth and evenly toned…


  29. Meenakshi says:

    I recently bought this and I LOVE it. It evens out your skin tone and it’s so light…and the best part is that it doesn’t leave your skin all dry and matte-y. Earlier I’d use Olay Definity Color Recapture as a foundation/moisturizer, but this wins hands down!!


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