Alice lusts funky flash drives

The other day, my friend Coop posted this link on my facebook timeline. No prizes for guessing why. Of course the world’s most expensive flash drive had to be a magic mushroom inspired from Alice In Wonderland. After a serious consideration and good laugh, I started looking for funky flash drives in my budget. Not that I need to add to a collection that includes a pink flash drive, an engraved silver one, one that looks like a camera and some regular ones but I looked anyway.

Alice in Wonderland inspired USB drives | via

Alice in Wonderland inspired USB drives | via

How cute are these Alice In Wonderland USB drives I came across on Etsy? Added to my lust list.

Flash drives Its Our Studio offers

Flash drives Its Our Studio offers

So I spoke to my friends over at Its Our Studio for a fix of funky pen drives. I was really pleased with what they had to offer. The tea-pot pen drive, the mix tape USB drive and the beer bottle pen drive were my favourites.

You know Alice doesn’t drink tea or coffee but she loves tea parties and was so charmed by the old school tea-pot pen drive. Even though she isn’t a beer drinker either, she wanted to gift the beer bottle pen drive to a friend on his birthday.

That’s when I wondered about corporate gifting and custom-made pen drives. Samir Virani, founder, Its Our Studio says, “Yes, we do custom-make pen drives. You could simply come to us with a design and we’ll have a mould made for you. Since it’s mostly for corporate gifting purposes, we require a minimum of 500 orders. We use Samsung drives that are lab tested. Once the details are final, the pieces are ready and dispatched in 30-40 days.” Easy breezy.

If I only I had budgets of 2.5-10 lakhs like the corporates, I’d be designing Alice Wandering USB drives that would cost me an inexpensive 500, 750 or 1000 Rs per piece depending on the size. All in good time.

Business card USB flash drive | via

Business card USB flash drive | via

I could even have the USB drive attached to my visiting card as Samir already does. He reiterates, “I love the ones we’ve designed for our company. I personally carry product catalogues and presentations on it.” Alice would probably carry lust lists, designs and photographs. 😛

Its Our Studio’s range of products extends beyond 270 in number. Find them on facebook and show them some love. 🙂

Leave comments on this post, could be your thoughts on the story, on custom-made pen drives, on how you would design your visiting card pen drive, etc. and if we like what we read, we’ll run a contest for you peeps. 🙂

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