Win spa vouchers from Spiritzzz and attend a Summer Soleil

Spiritzzz... Adding to your lifestyle

Spiritzzz… Adding to your lifestyle

Some time ago, a store called Spiritzzz got in touch with me. It was rather interesting because they believe your shopping experience should be combined with a pampering session. The store offers not only ready-made apparel, jewellery and accessories but also a hair and make-up studio. While you shop from a wide range of dresses, tops, tunics, jumpsuits and the like, you could get a haircut, blow-dry, hair spa, foot spa or face rejuvenation treatment. Now that’s something I’m willing to try. Aren’t you? Especially since the store is giving away vouchers to 3 of you lucky readers this month. One is for a hand spa, the other for a foot spa and yet another for a facial treatment. It’s simple. Write to me (in the comments below) explaining what it is about shopping that makes you want to pamper yourself. The best answers win. šŸ™‚

Summer Soleil at Spiritzzz

Summer Soleil at Spiritzzz

To add to all the fun, Spiritzzz is hosting a Summer Soleil at the end of the month. The poster has all the details. It promises to be a fun bazaar with clothes, bags, hair accessories, shoes, pampering options and photography opportunities to capture all the excitement. So I guess I’ll see you there? šŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Win spa vouchers from Spiritzzz and attend a Summer Soleil

  1. Hemanshi Chitalia says:

    Shopping helps me release the negativity and fills me up with happiness. It is the best feel good therapy as it makes you feel beautiful and gives a sense of contentment. it is a perfect way to lift up your spirits and make oneself feel important. it is a girl’s best companion at all times.


  2. vedika puri says:

    Shopping is the one thing I look forward to after a crazy week at work..its the most destressing and satisying experience..for me its therapeutic..the whole experience of trying on clothes or shoes and then finally buying something is isn’t called retail therapy for nothing šŸ˜‰


  3. natasha says:

    What shopping means to me?

    S – superb
    H – hobby
    O – or
    P – pastime,
    P – pampering
    I – including
    N – new
    G – garments!


  4. Divya Bhaskar says:

    Shopping is something that takes care of your highly emotive spirits. I think every mood has a shopping idea. For example, if you are feeling lonely, you can buy something soft like a teddy or some cosmetics. If you are feeling aggressive, you can buy a high-end phone or a sophisticated watch. Every item to shop out there can match your moods. The more the moods, the more the shopping!! Every collection out there has a story and it is these stories that make every collection so special.

    Divya Bhaskar


  5. Megha Shrimali says:

    Ahh! Shopping!
    The word in itself gives so much Relaxation, isn’t it?
    Well, what pampers me about shopping? I get to choose from a plethora of things which I love and go actually crazy about. It refreshes my mood, give me a good time to bond with my mother who is excellent at shopping whereas I am a dumbo! šŸ˜›
    When I shop it actually lets me be, ME. Shopping helps me release my tensions, stress and fights at bay and just concentrate on those beautiful and colorful clothes and shoes!
    I hope I made myself pretty clear. šŸ˜›


  6. silver price says:

    We had SUCH a frustrating experience here today! I am a strong believer that after a manicure one should smile when looking down at her hands for at least 48 hours after the final polish coat. I was finger frowning before we left the spa! Not only was the quality of the paint job bad, but the customer service was terrible. My friend, who came with me, was immediatley helped while I was left for about a half hour with no information regarding when I might get some pampering too. I’m fine with waiting but it’s nice to at least be acknowledged when entering an establishment. Jeez. I swear my manicurist didn’t make eye contact with me once the entire time I was there. She also got up probably seven or eight times during my manicure to talk to the other ladies or to ring other customers up. The place was definitely understaffed. Also, my friend ended up somehow having the wrong color painted on her fingernails, she wanted pink and somehow got bright purple… guess the lady got confused. All the employees seemed overly distracted for some reason. Splurging on a manicure isn’t something I choose to do all that often, so when I do I expect to feel a little pampered and cared for. This was definitely not the case at all. The bare minimum was completed. I feel bad not mentioning the few things that were good. So… here are a few things that were done well: 1. I was offered the option of green tea or water2. The place is clean and nicely decorated3. Convenient location4. Massage chairs 5. Large magazine collectionI do remember a time when this place was much better. Hopefully this was just an off day for them and things are picked up. Despite this possibility, I can’t imagine choosing Glow again any time soon… regardless of the fact that I am already in need of a new paint coat.


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