Alice and Celery wander again | Irish House, Kalaghoda

So Alice and Celery met again. This time at the cool, new Irish House that has just opened its second outpost at Kalaghoda. While the pub grub was fantastic and the drinks kept pouring in, we fell first for the ambiance that was spacious, had a rustic mill-like feel and music that made us groove.

Irish House, Kalaghoda

Irish House, Kalaghoda

For appetizer, we recommend a simple plate of mini tacos. The dish is no-fuss and is composed of small shells loaded with beans, cheese and sour cream that is infused with rosemary. While there are no obvious signs of the herb usage, you can tell from the taste that is grassy with a fruity aroma.

If calorie count is not your thing, dive straight into the bowl of cheesy nuggets. Forest Gump’s  momma always said that life was like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re gonna get. But with this nugget basket, you have little to worry about. While one is filled with jalapeño and cheese, the other is stuffed to the core with blocks of gooey cheddar.  They are served along with a hot sauce in a soup spoon and team well with the fattening chunks.

Wasabi Japonica

Wasabi Japonica

From there we hopped straight for a cottage cheese timbale. This dish has a huge disc of cottage cheese on top of chunk sauce and vegetables. We totally loved the combination of soft cheese with bite-able veggies. It makes up for indulging in the appetizer course and is almost carb-free!

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