Alice and Celery’s Spa Date at Richfeel Spa

Nothing better than a Ranbir Kapoor sighting, a spa date with your favourite girl and a vegetarian steak tasting on your day off!

Alice & Celery's spa date

Alice & Celery’s spa date

Celery and I had been planning a spa date for a while. When we heard Richfeel – the d-tox spa had opened in Breach Candy, we had to check it out. I picked evening as the time to go because I’m too busy sleeping and finishing work during the day. It turned out that an evening massage was just what we needed. It relaxes you in time for a light meal and puts you to bed right after.

Richfeel Spa Menu

Richfeel Spa Menu

I’m not a fan of oil massages. I prefer cream massages or dry massages. Although the Richfeel spa has 4 spacious rooms with individual shower/steam areas, I was in the mood for something dry. I opted for the Refloxology – Dry Therapy. This particular massage starts with the foot and proceeds upwards.

Foot refloxology at Richfeel Spa

Foot refloxology at Richfeel Spa

Scientifically, it impacts a variety of physical & psychological concerns of each foot that has over 7,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. It helps in creating relaxation, reducing pain, relieving tired feet & headaches, ameliorating 78 health concerns of all ages. It provides better sleep, improves blood flow to the feet, brain, kidneys & intestines, lessens the use of post operative analgesics, impacts on physiological measures of blood pressure & cholesterol, enhances medical care, increases energy, reduces depression & anxiety, complements cancer care, eases in pregnancy & delivery.

Even though it is difficult to feel all that and reap all the benefits in one session, I had a pretty good time. I felt extremely refreshed and relaxed at the end of it. I have to mention that I found the bed extremely comfortable and the therapist quite attentive.

Celery opted for the D-tox Crystal therapy and here’s what she thought:

To begin with, the ambiance of Richfeel – the d-tox spa is fabulous. It simply cuts you off from the noise of one of South Mumbai’s most traffic-congested roads. And that for me is therapy enough.

The interiors of the spa are dim-lit with flickering lights, infused with the aroma of peppermint. This is refreshing at first but can make you uneasy if you have sensitive olfactory receptors.

Crystal therapy at Richfeel Spa

Crystal therapy at Richfeel Spa

Treatment-wise I opted for the Crystal detox therapy. This translates into using crystal stones to detoxify the system. However, the amount of time the therapist used these stones during this hour-long massage – they could have called it anything else.

It starts off with the back, moving on to tension prone areas of the body such as neck, wrists and ankles. This is especially beneficial for those who want to keep damage signs of urban lifestyle at bay.

The therapist conducted the entire treatment using lavender oil, whose calming aroma is good enough to knock you off to sleep minutes after the treatment begins.

So, that’s how Alice and Celery’s spa date went. If you want to check out Richfeel Spa, the address is Sagar Mansion, 40 Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai – 400026. For appointments, call 022 23516228 / 23526228. The timings are 10 am to 10 pm.

It’s also located at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport, Terminal 1 – B, Gate No. A – 9 to A – 12, Mumbai. Tel: 77385 90160

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