Liquid gold and a giveaway!

Update: Sheetal Kode, you have won yourself the bottle of olive oil we promised. Please write to us at aliceandcelery(at)gmail(dot)com with your details and we’ll make sure it gets to you.

Our latest culinary fascination is olive oil. We have been drizzling it maddeningly over salads, gobbling it in its pure form with chunks of bread and cheese, toppling spoonfuls over pizzas, cooking mains and what not. The truth is that once you pop the cap open, there is no stopping with these golden oils.

We recently laid our hands on a new brand we hadn’t tried earlier and came out pleasantly surprised. Available in extra virgin, regular and pomace category – Del Monte olive oils are superb in quality and easily available in Mumbai.

When it comes to olive oils, what baffles most of us is how to differentiate among various kinds. Here is a cheat sheet you can use for reference.

Olive Oil Flyer A5 Final_Olive Flyer B a5 (2) - Copy

Olive Oil Flyer A5 Final_Olive Flyer B a5 (2)

With our bottle, we made a dish that can go terribly kaput if lacking a dash of some REAL good quality olive oil. Look how it turned out!

Red bell pepper hummus

Red bell pepper hummus

Red bell pepper hummus

Ingredients: 1 cup chickpeas (boiled); ½ cup olive oil; 2 garlic cloves, minced; 1 red bell pepper (roasted and roughly chopped); 2 tbsp lemon juice; ¼ cup tahini and sea salt as per taste

Method: In a blender, grind all the ingredients to a smooth puree. Transfer into a serving bowl and drizzle with lots of olive oil. Serve fresh with chips or crackers.

And now for the GIVEAWAY

To celebrate good food, good quality ingredients and our newfound love for olive oils, we are giving away a bottle from Del Monte‘s collection. All you have to do is tell us about your favourite recipe that requires heaps and heaps of good quality olive oil. The best entry will win the bottle shown in the picture below. Contest closes on 17th June 2013. Hurry!

The giveaway

The giveaway!

8 thoughts on “Liquid gold and a giveaway!

  1. Dharana says:

    Hey Alice! My favourite olive oil dishes are Burnt Corn Salad, and Bellpepper Pesto Pizza! Yummm
    ( query- Do I have to explain the whole recipe? )


  2. Sheetal Kode says:

    Hi Alice
    My favourite olive recipe is figs filled with goat cheese
    And alio olio pasta which requires lots of olive oil


  3. Aakanksha says:

    I love Alio Olio. Pasta, sundried tomatoes and heaps of olive oil for good measure. oh and garlic.. Yummy.. And now i need to eat!


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