Monsoon’s must-have & Lulu Australia store review

It has been pouring cats and dogs the last couple of days in our city and it might get worse. In order to save the precious things you carry in your bag each day, it’s important to invest in arm candy that is water-resistant, stylish and most importantly big. You know, to fit your umbrella, change of shoes and extra pair of clothes, just in case!

Just in time to save you this season, an outlet of world-renowned Lulu Australia has opened in Mumbai’s suburb, Bandra.


Store entrance

Why, you ask us? This is because the store specialises in bags that are plastic laminated, our favourite monsoon companions this year.

At first look, the cutesy, pink store seems like a place Barbie would shop. It’s vibrant, filled with delicious products, housing affordable bags that are both fashionable and utilitarian – multi-pocketed diaper bags, lingerie bags, vanity cases, sunglass pouches, laptop bags and what not!


Lulu’s pretty pink decor

Our pick is this white and scarlet everyday-tote, printed with handsome roses. The best feature of this bag is it has a LOT of space to help us carry our world wherever we go including space for laptops. The handle is just right because we dislike those long ones that dangle as you catwalk down the road. Compared to those kinds of bags, this one is firm, smart and easy to carry.

Pool Roses

Monsoon’s must-have

What really impressed us is the array of small and big pouches to stock daily knickknacks. The store has one in every shape, size and colour! Use to store your makeup, toiletries or even sandals. We think they are a good investment, especially if monsoon getaways are on your mind.


Pouches for daily knickknacks


Other delicious bags

Alice just loves this fashion feature from Celery. She loves when people don hats different from the ones they’re expected to. If you like this piece Celery has written, leave a comment below.

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