Restaurant Review: Uzo

Several words come to our mind when we think of describing Uzo. Think chic, swanky, cool and the ‘it’ place to be on a Saturday night. Situated on a main road, off Worli sea face, Uzo is a new restaurant set up in place of Vinoteca by Sula.

uzo food 4


Divided into an outdoor and an indoor arrangement, the place is well-worth a visit in this nippy season. The restaurant has a common menu for lunch and dinner which is crisp and easy to navigate through.

We started our Uzo journey with their BBQ wedges which were fiery and delicious. The restaurant also has chicken wings of the same kind, but we were craving for potato so ended up with these bites. Though overtly spicy, the dish stir up your appetite for the meal to come.

Uzo Drink etd


To cool off, we teamed the starters with a simple Caesar salad. Made using the usual Caesar staples like lettuce, cherry tomatoes and others – the dish was served chilled and had crunchy bites.

For main course, we tried their cottage cheese steak. The dish had a wonderful sauce, but the accompanying steak was stuff and non-inspiring. If you ditch that, the ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta with tomato olive sauce is wonderful. The sauce is perfectly spiced and had nice, chunky bits coming through the dish.

Uzo Bar & Kitchen 1 - Food


Uzo has ample choice of bread-based dishes like burgers and buns, but since we wanted to go something light, we went for the dishes suggested above.

For dessert, go for their cheesecake as opposed to the clichéd chocolate cake and we promise a happy ending to a simple meal.

Location: Ground Floor, Sunville Banquets, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli
Call: 022 2498 8628
HOURS: Daily, from noon to 1:30am

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