Putting it out there: Chapter 1

I have always found my rescue in words. I don’t know when I started stringing sentences together to mean something. Now, for as long as I can remember, I have harboured the wish to write a novel. Since I quit my full-time job, I’ve been working on the structure and words of a book. Here’s a little something I wrote. It would mean the world to me if you would give me your feedback and comments. Here goes:


She had often wondered if love was enough. Earlier in the day, she had sat down with her best friend at work, after lunch, to talk about life. And she had perhaps, very simply overstated her condition. All she had asked was why she couldn’t meet someone fuss-free and without an agenda. Every time she had met a boy in the last three years, the date had been arranged or pre-designed. And she just wanted to meet someone she could be herself with, someone who would take her for who she was, see her for what she was like. “I feel you.” Her friend Meira was younger by a couple of years but when it came to boys, they discussed it like hopeless romantics. They called themselves filmy and even had the hashtag #filmygirlproblems to complain about matters of the heart.

In the evening, they were on their way to watch 2 States and Esha was feeling something in the pit of her stomach. She was tired from the struggle of wanting to write and sleep-deprived. She needed sleep but only a movie could keep her up.

In the movie, Esha was so invested, she finally let go and cried. It was overwhelming. And she had distracted herself with discussions after the movie, eating on the street, sleeping early, talking on the phone. She knew she had to write and finally, at 2am, she was sitting in front of the laptop, typing away.

Had Esha ever been in love? The 26-year old had struggled with the idea of love and belonging since her teenage years. But the ability to put it down in words was innate. That is why she knew that to deal with her feelings, she would have to embrace the written word. Find love again, through writing, in life. It was a long shot. But God wouldn’t be so unkind to her.

Esha’s Twitter bio read: Love ’em words, movies, fashion and food. Not necessarily in that order. A lot like Alice. It was 2014 and the only way to know someone was by stalking them on Twitter. Esha was definitely intriguing. While you felt like you knew her, there was an air of mystery about her.

She was easy to talk to, often spoke about herself, blogged even. It wasn’t difficult to know what was going on with her, thanks to her social media updates. But she would go into a shell just as easily. That night she was wondering if she should. Especially because she had wanted to spend the night with a friend and it hadn’t worked out.

She continued writing until she fell asleep again. She woke up with her phone ringing.

3 thoughts on “Putting it out there: Chapter 1

  1. R M says:

    I have absolutely no recollection of how I manged to come across this. It seems like an interesting read, however, can you make it less monosyllabic?


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