To New Beginnings & Happiness!

I'm leaving on a jet plane

I’m leaving on a jet plane

On 29th December in India, I boarded a plane to travel to the United States, the other side of the world. As I write this blog, some of you back home are gearing up to usher in the new year. And the 13hours 30mins backspace I’m in, I just made breakfast for myself.

It is indeed going to be a ‘new’ year for me tomorrow, full of ‘new’ experiences and breaking of ‘old’ habits. It was a tough decision to make for someone who’s never lived away from home and needed to lift a finger for chores.

Emotional baggage

Emotional baggage

But I carried my heavy bags (one of them even has an ’emotional baggage’ tag), waited for my friends to get me from the airport while I sipped on hot chocolate, moved into an apartment the next day and made this new space home. And on our first day out of the apartment, my roommate and I got lost, waited at a mortuary, got into a cab back home to avoid the freezing cold, bought essentials at the convenience store and ordered pizza online to call it a night. I’m loving the adventurous spirit.



I have all the intention of exploring this new city before school starts and I hope to fill you in on the ride as it comes along. Promise to read?

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