Discoveries Made While Living By Myself…

Home in LA

Home in LA

Until now, I had always lived with my parents, in the same home. Unlike a lot of friends, we never even moved house. The only major change in my living environment was when I stopped sharing the room with my sister and started occupying one by myself. But I’ve always had the privilege of having a family member around at home at any given time.

When I decided to come here to study, I knew I wanted to live with a roommate. To my good fortune, I share this apartment with three other girls! But living by ourselves and not having domestic help to do your chores has taught me certain things.

For instance, running the dishwasher every night cannot be healthy for the environment or you can get ‘pods’ for your laundry or the paper towel roll exhausts pretty quickly and must be replenished every week. Honestly, I never imagined doing all the household chores, cooking meals for myself, studying and having spare time once all of it was done. But I manage. And like an old person, I’m fast asleep at 10pm. Did someone say nightlife? What does that mean?



It’s the first weekend since school started and it pretty much rained all day. So it was COLD. But I made the most of the view and read the script of Tootsie and rented it to watch off the iTunes store. It was part of my homework.

View of Toluca Hills

View of Toluca Hills

And now that I’ve updated you and recorded my activities like a good girl, I’m going to get on with some writing. It’s gotta be done! Wish me luck. 🙂

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