Boyhood Movie Still

Boyhood Movie Still

Some time towards the end of last year, I went to the Mumbai Film Festival solo and missed the only film I really wanted to watch: Boyhood. A little while after that, at my cousin’s house party, this boy and I were having a conversation about how I’m a writer and want to study screenplay writing next. Of course, he pointed out how well Boyhood worked with emotion as an example. And I knew then I just had to watch the film. Soon enough, the film was playing in a nearby theatre in Mumbai and I watched it with my mom.

I remember watching Before Sunset and falling in love. And the narrative structure and pacing is what I came to associate with Richard Linklater. One of my favourite critics describes aptly in a review how I also felt about Boyhood.

Yesterday, as I returned home at night and went through my Twitter feed, all anyone was talking about was Boyhood. The Golden Globes (that were held in LA) had deemed Boyhood the Best Motion Picture, Drama.



So, I figured, what better time than now to reflect on #Boyhood. I read a comment on my Facebook News Feed that this girl didn’t care that much for the film because she couldn’t get past the gimmick. On the contrary, I thought it was an experiment that was poetic and paid off because the dramatised reality was so well captured. It wasn’t the kind of film that had as much of an impact on me while I was watching it as much as it made me think afterwards.

What are your thoughts on the film? And just for fun, here’s an NYFA activity I participated in, #MyBoyhood:



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