The Beginning Of An Unsaid Romance

I feel compelled to warn you. This doesn’t end like a film. It is like a film though. And there are references to films. But it doesn’t end like a film. So you can get a tub of popcorn and tissues.

She was in a foreign country and she was finally studying the course she had always wanted to. She was on her own and could have exercised her freedom. But the course was so absorbing, she swapped the partying with sleeping and going out with writing or homework. But as is the case with these things, watching films was part of the course and mandatory for students like her.

Sometimes I think writers like to be loners. They like to brood in their thoughts. They will only make conversation with somebody that intellectually stimulates them. She was no exception.

It was while waiting in line for a mandatory film that she was first introduced to him. He immediately struck her as different. Writers also sense vibes and sometimes don’t pay attention to words. It’s funny, isn’t it? He initiated conversation with her. As it turns out, he was a short term student in another class but very interested in her course. Hence, she imparted the knowledge she had absorbed thus far. They spoke a lot. They spoke so much that they lost the friends who were in queue with them. But it’s never smooth sailing, is it? They had been acquainted but they hadn’t exchanged details like phone numbers or Facebook addresses or social media contacts. His friends had held a single place for him in the theatre. She was left looking for her classmates.

She didn’t see him after the screening and she was left wondering.

She quickly went online and looked him up. All she knew was his first name and it was a generic name for his nationality. Not much help. Thank heavens for mutual friends. She looked for him on her friends’ profiles and shot an arrow in the dark, hoping to land on his heart. Alright, that was a tad dramatic. She just wanted to talk to him some more.

Days passed and she didn’t see him or hear from him. Until there was a party her flatmates were going to. He showed up, only after 2 hours of her scanning the venue for his presence. He greeted a couple of people and headed straight for her. And they picked up the conversation where they had left it. She continued teaching him about screenwriting, And they continued talking despite several interruptions. It was almost as if they were the only ones there and everything surrounding them had faded away.

They spoke about spirituality, God, beliefs, meditation, breaking old habits. Was she a fool for thinking he might be interested in knowing her outside of the screenwriting parameters? They were the last few standing and they pretended to walk somebody to the complex exit. Once the third wheel left, there was an unsaid comfort that resulted in an awkward silence. He hugged her good night but she wanted the embrace to last forever.

(At this point, my laptop battery is dying and I don’t have a charger. Something else I left behind in L.A. Do you want to know what happens next?)

Leave me a comment if you want me to continue the story. :*

2 thoughts on “The Beginning Of An Unsaid Romance

  1. trishiewong says:

    Welcome back! Been a silent follower and wondered where you’ve been. And happy that you’re pursuing your heart’s desire 🙂 love your writing style and please, do continue!


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