#MTOS | Movie Talk on Sunday | Shakespeare’s Film Adaptations

On Sunday (21st June 2015), I’m hosting Movie Talk on Sunday (#MTOS) on Twitter at 8pm GMT.

I’ll post a question every 10 minutes from my Twitter handle (@dhruvis). You can join in the discussion by tweeting your answer beginning with the question number and hashtagging #MTOS.

I’ve chosen to discuss Shakespeare’s film adaptations.

Here are the questions:

Q 1. Do you think Shakespeare’s works are universal and can be adapted to screen even today?

Q 2. Which is your favourite film adaptation of Shakespeare’s work?

Q 3. Some film adaptations of Shakespeare’s work retain the world and language while some have their own take. Which do you prefer?

Q 4. Which is your favourite film rendition of a line originally written by Shakespeare?

Q 5. Which actors have given us some of the best portrayals of characters from Shakespeare’s works?

Q 6. Which director has successfully adapted and done justice to a work of Shakespeare?

Q 7. Which genre of Shakespeare’s work (comedy, tragedy, romance or history) is best suited for screen? Why?

Q 8. Have you watched different film adaptations of any one of Shakespeare’s works? Which one did you like best?

Q 9. Which adaptation of Shakespeare’s work totally missed the point and gave you the feeling you were sitting through a lecture?

Q 10. If you had to adapt one of Shakespeare’s works for screen, which one would you pick? Why?

See you online on Sunday!

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