In Time, Dolphin Tale or Tower Heist? Your Hollywood pick this weekend?

In Time Movie Poster

In Time Movie Poster

Release Date: 4th Nov 2011
Director: Andrew Niccol
Cast: Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, Cilian Murphy, Johnny Galecki, Olivia Wilde, Vincent Kartheiser


In Time can best be dubbed a sci-fi action thriller. A film about the future where time is currency. Everyone stops ageing at 25, are granted one more year to live and must earn the rest of their life. The poor live day to day and the rich live forever as long as they avoid dying by mistake.

Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas, a man from the Ghetto (the time zone of the poor), who comes to a fortune of time by accident yet loses his mother. With nothing else to lose, he travels to New Greenwich (the time zone of the rich) to make things right. ‘Nobody should be immortal if even one has to die’ is Will’s guiding philosophy.

Sylvia Weis (played by Amanda Seyfried), daughter of magnate Philippe Weis (Vincent Kartheiser) joins Will in his fight against the rich, stealing what is already stolen and returning it to the rightful holders. Together, they take down the timekeepers headed by Raymond Leon (Cilian Murphy) and restore justice.

The concept is novel, the writing witty and the film timely. It keeps you at the edge of your seat most times save 20 minutes of the second half. Justin Timberlake is charming as usual and Amanda Seyfried her unusual best. Cilian Murphy essays his role with ease and belief. Given how much I love The Big Bang Theory and Mad Men, Johnny Galecki (Leonard) and Vincent Kartheiser (Pete), deliver some of my favourite performances in the film.

Of the 4 Hollywood releases this week and the 5 Bollywood ones, In Time tops my list. Catch it before it’s out. Continue reading