The fairy tale?

Update: While Purab awarded me the virtual Filmfare Award. Our 1st runner up was the girl with the pub hopping story. She actually saw Purab during the Janmashtami celebration. She’s now following him on twitter as he suggested. Our 2nd runner up was the boy with the filmy story of how Purab came to the city as a struggler. You can still make up a fairy tale and leave it in the comments section. 😀

Purab Kohli (the cute one from Hip Hip Hurray and the adorable one from Rock On!) loves to run contests on twitter. And I diligently attempt to answer them.

A friend was curious as to how I know him.

So, of course, in classic Purab style, we ran another contest.

Make up a fairytale. How does Dhruvi (me) know Purab Kohli?

Following are some of the clichéd, weird and hilarious responses.

  • One of the first responses was simply 3 words: Hip Hip Hurray! (via Mansi)
  • Another one was: “I think she finds him cute and stalked him back home.” (via Manjari)
  • This one was classic: “She must have interviewed him for Filmfare at some point.” (via Ruchika)
  • A little imaginative: “They met at a party, dated for a while, fell out and now just know of each other.” (via Vandana)
  • The fully dramatic one: “When Purab Kohli first came to Bombay as a struggling actor, he befriended Dhruvi and then maintained the friendship for her filmy connections.” (via Achint)
  • Oh, so melodramatic: “They were buddies, friends since childhood, fell apart with time and saw each other years later at a party. They fell in love. They are now secretly dating.” (via Yesha)
  • These thoughts came randomly: “They were both dining separately at a restaurant. He didn’t recognize her. She was club hopping. At the third club, he spoke to her and said he recognized her from the restaurant.” (via Manchal) – this one was Purab’s favourite.
  • This one was sweet: “She met him in Wonderland.” (via Sahil)

After all that build up, Purab thought the original story was quite dry.

But I didn’t think so. Perhaps, one of my favourite necklaces could be the reason. I was wearing this for the shoot and he decided we should make up stories to distract ourselves from focusing on the photographer.

Fairytale Necklace

So what is the story?

My version: A photo shoot. She was styling him. He was smiling at another girl. She looked on. He sang, ‘I will survive’. And just like that, ❀ happened.

His response: “Supa!! And the Filmfare goes to… Dhan te nan… !!

That’s how it appeared in the magazine:

Makeover Story | 1

Makeover Story | 2

You can also read it online here

So, we were coordinating a makeover feature for the magazine.
Purab Kohli was our celebrity guest. We were styling for the shoot. And he was really very sweet. Doesn’t he look so cute as a Trekkie?

I hope you enjoyed the post. Fairy tales and makeovers are a lot of fun. You want one? You know what you have to do right?

Pack of cards | Alice

Postcards from Oxford

Alice wandered to Alice’s shop
And found a pack of cards
She built a card castle of relationships
She played with Kings and Queens of her kingdom

You're nothing but a pack of cards!

The cheshire cat taught her how to grin
The madhatter tricked her into almost accepting defeat
The red queen wanted to be ‘off with her head’
But it was the white queen she had most fun playing with

And she asked all those living in her kingdom
Would they bow to the queen of hearts?
Or fight the ace of Spades?

These are the answers she received.

She even asked her friends on the BlackBerry Messenger
They were quick to responded
She tabulated their answers as below

Her best friend akin to the rabbit confessed
While playing the game of hearts, the black queen
Had brought upon many a nightmares

The gore of the Ace of Spades hadn’t escaped Alice either

Ace of Spades | Scare

On reading more, she found
The ace of spades was also referred to as the ‘death card’
It was all a dream
She thought to herself

Alice | Dreams | Nightmares

And was off to sleep again…

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah

Photographs – Oxford: Himani Shah

At the Movies | The ‘Expendables’ | Not

Every movie going experience is an adventure
You could bump into a friend, an actor or an usher
You could relate to what is unfolding on the silver screen
And stumble upon a toe or two in the dark

Be careful what you wish for though
When you’re looking for answers
The universe conspires to show you so many

Last week, my friend was making me jealous…
He went to watch a film that I’d been begging him to come see

And of course, Imtiaz Ali had to be there for a promotional event
He’s not expendable, that’s quite proven
Disturbingly rather, he’s being held back, tied to a chair

In'expendable' | Imtiaz Ali

A groom? | Imtiaz Ali

I like PVR. They always have promotional memorabilia on display.
I’ve clicked one too many pictures with Woody and others.
Of course, they’re pushing Aisha a bit much now.

Anyway, Aisha was running a contest.
A special goody bag would be awarded to an interesting picture
taken with an Aisha poster.

Well, to be flanked by an Imtiaz Ali look-alike on one hand
And the eternal cowboy, Woody on the other
Is a lucky girl’s perfect picture moment, mine at least.

Antardwand | Aisha | Toy Story

Antardwand | Promotional dummy

Well, my life is always an adventure
I’ve been crushing on ‘Dhruv’ from Aisha
That we almost have the same name is just brownie points

Arunoday Singh was sitting in the same row
Just a few seats away. So, I had quite an eye-candy blast.
Amidst all the brawn of ‘The Expendables’

For those of you wondering…
He says his life is pretty much the same post Aisha.
I guess only a couple thousand more crushes, maybe.
My girlfriends agree. 😛

And now for some Imtiaz Ali trivia.
I interviewed directors and stylists for a feature story.
And asked them one question.
Do you have a Hindi film inspired item of clothing?

Any guesses for Imtiaz Ali’s response?
A belt with a Sholay buckle.
Cho chweet na? I like.

Sholay | Belt

Apparently, you can now get all of Sholay on your belt.

So, do you have a Hindi film inspired decorative item?
Leave your answers in the comments section.

Signing off. Keep it filmy! Keep it stylish! *blows kisses*

PS – Yesterday India also celebrated Sholay’s 35th anniversary. Fitting.