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So, how do you like your coffee?

Hot chocolate

I prefer hot chocolate. Especially from Costa Coffee. They have the right mix.

I hate spilling. So, I made my own coasters. Inspired by a coaster.
It reads: MAKE-DO AND MEND | a ball of wool bobs on a placard:
“Mend and make-do to save buying new.”

Mugs on coasters

For Aniruddha’s ‘At the Movies’ theme birthday, we gave away coasters as take-home gifts and something to remember the night by.
I kept Love Aaj Kal and Watchmen, for obvious reasons.

Available in 50 and more designs.

At the movies

They work great as party decor, gifts, take-aways,
and I use the concept to make more versatile items as well.

Cheers to a hot cuppa coffee! :*

Photographs: Dhruvi Shah