Food tasting at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai | New additions to the menu

Saag paneer at Hard Rock Cafe

Saag paneer pocket at Hard Rock Cafe

Photographs: Salonee Gadgil

Now for some fun reading. As you already know, this Hard Rock Cafe tasting was going to involve the company of a person who shot my HRC glassware collection. As a matter of happy co-incidence, it was Salonee Gadgil of bellyfirst.

Given the number of ‘new’ items on the menu and the large portions of the dishes, it was a tough decision to make. For starters, the chef recommended saag paneer and we went with it. Now, as a vegetarian, I love paneer! Saag, not so much. So I was pleasantly surprised at the preparation and presentation of this dish. Served on a fajita plate, the paneer cooked in a Tunisian sauce is accompanied by a generous quantity of spinach. The idea is to let the spinach keep cooking as it rests on the table. This rich paneer is to be coated in a yoghurt dip, stuffed in pita like bread and had as a pocket. Quite the bite!

Saag paneer on a fajita plate

Saag paneer on a fajita plate

Needless to say, you have to try it on your next visit.

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