Skechers’ Spring/Summer ’13 Showcase

One of the interesting things about being a blogger is that you get invited to various showcases put up by international and local brands and get to learn so much more (than an average consumer) about a product you’re gonna buy. Needless to say, I was very intrigued when I was invited for Skechers’ Spring Summer ’13 showcase.

Selected few from Skechers'  SS '13 collection

Selected few from Skechers’ SS ’13 collection

Surprisingly, Skechers is a fairly young brand (just about 20 years old). The company primarily produced lifestyle shoes but has now branched out into performance and sport shoes as well. We got a peek at the best shoes across all 3 categories.

And I learnt some really interesting things. Like, some styles have a completely flexible sole. You can actually fold the shoe completely, carry it with you and when you retrieve it, it will take its original shape. Cool, right? Certain styles have a memory foam sole. Heard of the memory foam mattress? Yep, same concept. The sole takes the shape of your foot and returns to its original form when not worn. I was impressed. Most of the styles have a mid-foot strike as opposed to a heel strike. So when you walk, run or exercise, the weight of your foot strikes the middle of the shoe, giving you a better grip and balance. Who knew?

My favourite shoe from the Skechers' SS'13 collection

My favourite shoe from the Skechers’ SS’13 collection

This particular one above is my favourite shoe from the Skechers’ SS ’13 collection. Have you realised we most often buy ‘sport shoes’ in a white or grey colour? Why do we do that? So, I picked this black one. I like the pink accents. And they’re super comfy when you wear them. Also, the price point is great, only Rs 2999. Not a bad investment I say.

Which style is your favourite? Maybe I can tell you an interesting fact or two about it.

Alice is in the news!

Alice in the news

Alice in the news

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So, friends and relatives have been calling me to congratulate me. And I feel like a total celebrity. Or a ‘VIP’ if you may. Thank you Mahafreed Irani for featuring me in the Times Of India. I think Mahafreed has spoken with us bloggers about something very important. As bloggers, we’ve ventured into this new and dynamic space. And the root has been honesty. To put a face to a name. To explain our actions. To share our opinions. To answer questions we’re asked. To let you readers in on our lives. And to make a difference. Thank you so much for the adulation. Alice hopes to explore wonderland and share her adventures. Stay tuned!