Project Runway | Sequined Dresses

Unfortunately I’ve contracted conjunctivitis. I know that I’ve complained enough on twitter. Anyway, given my sore eyes, I’m restricted to using the computer for watching television shows. My current obsession is Project Runway.

The show is devoid of the drama we are accustomed to on Indian reality tv. Thank goodness for that. It is actually so inspiring that I want to bust out cash and fetch the ‘brother’ sewing machine I saw in the store last week.

While watching season 8, I came across Heidi Klum sporting a sequined outfit in episode 6 titled ‘You Can Totally Wear That Again’.

Of course, I had reason to be really excited. I had featured the exact same dress in my Glamfare shopping spread, Filmfare issue dated June 9, 2010.

Paloma Mini Dress

It was an interesting feature for those newly introduced to online shopping. While researching for the article I realized, a sequined LBD (Little Black Dress) is the perfect recipe for a successful evening out. Be it a party, a red carpet affair, a formal occasion or even a night to the disco, you can’t go wrong.

In the spread, you will notice how I chose to style an actress in my own dress, picks from online stores and expert tips on how to be versatile with a garment like the sequined little black dress. Happy reading!

Shopping, Glamfare --> June 9, 2010, Filmfare

A lot of work went into the article featured above. It just makes me so happy to see items I have featured in the magazine appear on real-life actors months later. It’s a pat on the back for someone trying to observe trends. 😀

On another note, I love the deliberation round in Project Runway. When the judges have decided who the winner and loser is, they have the best expressions to show confirmation. I can’t stop smiling and laughing. I’m also sad every time someone has to leave the show. They’re all so talented and hardworking.

So… If you’ve always wanted to wear your shiny black dress but didn’t know where to or how, you now have the answers. If you were scared to shop online, you will find clarifications to your doubts. If you like to see my styling and read my articles, you will enjoy going through this post. If you’re a Heidi Klum fan or watch Project Runway, I want to hear from you. Now that you finally know where ‘the dress’ came from. Anyhow, your feedback is welcome. Please don’t be shy!

Keep it simple! Style it up. Have some fun. xoxo Alice

Mallika | Indian beauty? | Nice shirt for sure

The other film to release this week was Mallika.
I’m sorry I can’t tell you how it was because I missed the screening. 😛

I was first made aware of the film when I saw the poster.

Mallika poster

It instantly reminded me of the American Beauty poster.
I know one’s in a coffin and the other’s in a bed of roses.
They’re posing differently too.

However, this is not a game of spot the differences.
It’s whether you see the similarities.

Of course, for me, the spotting was followed by press releases and invitations to the screening.

My remote interest in the film was heightened when I found out Sammir Dattani was in it. I was quick to message him and confirm. He’s a sweet chap. We shot a Filmfare makeover with him.

You can read the story online here.

You might remember him as the ‘guy with the nice shirt’ from I Hate Luv Storys.

Top to bottom - Imran Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Sammir Dattani

(Image via idlehub)

Anyhow, all those connections later, I still missed the screening and I’m not exactly inclined to go watch it. Sorry. 😦

We spotted Sammir wearing the t-shirt he wore to the makeover shoot at the I Hate Luv Storys special screening.

Well, aren’t they both sporting nice t-shirts? Be sure to tell them the next time!

I hope you enjoyed the post. If you spot a celebrity wearing the same outfit again, you can write in to me. If you would like a makeover, you can write in to me. And if you’d generally like to say something, it’s the same. 🙂

Wear your best shirt today! Alice might just be wandering. 😉

The fairy tale?

Update: While Purab awarded me the virtual Filmfare Award. Our 1st runner up was the girl with the pub hopping story. She actually saw Purab during the Janmashtami celebration. She’s now following him on twitter as he suggested. Our 2nd runner up was the boy with the filmy story of how Purab came to the city as a struggler. You can still make up a fairy tale and leave it in the comments section. 😀

Purab Kohli (the cute one from Hip Hip Hurray and the adorable one from Rock On!) loves to run contests on twitter. And I diligently attempt to answer them.

A friend was curious as to how I know him.

So, of course, in classic Purab style, we ran another contest.

Make up a fairytale. How does Dhruvi (me) know Purab Kohli?

Following are some of the clichéd, weird and hilarious responses.

  • One of the first responses was simply 3 words: Hip Hip Hurray! (via Mansi)
  • Another one was: “I think she finds him cute and stalked him back home.” (via Manjari)
  • This one was classic: “She must have interviewed him for Filmfare at some point.” (via Ruchika)
  • A little imaginative: “They met at a party, dated for a while, fell out and now just know of each other.” (via Vandana)
  • The fully dramatic one: “When Purab Kohli first came to Bombay as a struggling actor, he befriended Dhruvi and then maintained the friendship for her filmy connections.” (via Achint)
  • Oh, so melodramatic: “They were buddies, friends since childhood, fell apart with time and saw each other years later at a party. They fell in love. They are now secretly dating.” (via Yesha)
  • These thoughts came randomly: “They were both dining separately at a restaurant. He didn’t recognize her. She was club hopping. At the third club, he spoke to her and said he recognized her from the restaurant.” (via Manchal) – this one was Purab’s favourite.
  • This one was sweet: “She met him in Wonderland.” (via Sahil)

After all that build up, Purab thought the original story was quite dry.

But I didn’t think so. Perhaps, one of my favourite necklaces could be the reason. I was wearing this for the shoot and he decided we should make up stories to distract ourselves from focusing on the photographer.

Fairytale Necklace

So what is the story?

My version: A photo shoot. She was styling him. He was smiling at another girl. She looked on. He sang, ‘I will survive’. And just like that, ❤ happened.

His response: “Supa!! And the Filmfare goes to… Dhan te nan… !!

That’s how it appeared in the magazine:

Makeover Story | 1

Makeover Story | 2

You can also read it online here

So, we were coordinating a makeover feature for the magazine.
Purab Kohli was our celebrity guest. We were styling for the shoot. And he was really very sweet. Doesn’t he look so cute as a Trekkie?

I hope you enjoyed the post. Fairy tales and makeovers are a lot of fun. You want one? You know what you have to do right?